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Tag Results for "Nemours Foundation"

More US Couples Living Together, Insead of Marrying

And more women getting pregnant while cohabiting. Many more American women are living with their partners rather than tying the knot, a new government survey finds. continue reading »

U.S. Agency Puts Poison Prevention in Spotlight

EPA urges adults to keep pesticides and disinfectants locked away from children. Parents and caregivers can help reduce the risk of accidental poisonings by storing pesticides continue reading »

U.S. Kids Still Eat Too Much Added Sugar: CDC

Though consumption has fallen, it's far above recommended levels. Added sugar in drinks and foods makes up almost 16 percent of the calories U.S. children continue reading »

Health Tip: Help Keep Kids Safe on the Internet

How parents can participate. The Internet holds vast amounts of information that can help kids with school projects and allow them to play interactive games. continue reading »

Health Tips:  When Your Child Has a Headache

Children are thought to be no less prone than adults to dull or throbbing pains of the head. The Nemours Foundation mentions these common triggers of headaches in children: continue reading »

Pediatric Groups Want to KO Boxing for Kids

Choose sports that don't encourage blows to the head, policy statement urges. Boxing isn't appropriate for children and teens, and parents should encourage their kids to find sports that don't focus on delivering blows to the head and face. continue reading »

Are Turned Toes Troule for Young Children?

In-toeing or out-toeing occur when a child's toes point inward or outward as they walk. Many children who begin walking this way outgrow the abnormal gait. The Nemours Foundation mentions these signs that a child may need medical evaluation: continue reading »

Desire to Please Parents Motivates Kids at School

But study of U.S. and Chinese students finds sense of obligation wanes as American children age. That means for Chinese kids, becoming a teenager doesn't mean rebelling or pulling away from family life, but becoming a more responsible member of it. continue reading »

Student Bullying Linked to Family Violence: CDC

Report finds bullies, victims and bully-victims face dangers outside of school. Student bullies, their victims and bully-victims -- those who are victimized and also engage in bullying continue reading »

U.S. Parents Want Kids More Active During School Day: Poll

A third think elementary schools should devote more time to PE, survey finds. A new poll finds that almost all parents of young children believe it's important for elementary school kids to get exercise during each school day. continue reading »

Health Tip: Storing Breast Milk

Expressed breast milk can be frozen for later use. The Nemours Foundation says it's important to use sterile bottles or hard plastic cups with tight caps, or "nursing bags" that are specially designed to store breast milk. continue reading »

Health Tip: Help Contain Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, commonly called pinkeye, is a contagious infection affecting the membrane that covers the white part of the eye and the inner eyelid. The eyes of someone with conjunctivitis can appear very red and irritated. continue reading »