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Tag Results for "Natural Disasters In Latin America"

UN Approves Funds for Flood Ravaged El Salvador

The United Nations reported it has approved an emergency cash grant for El Salvador and sent additional staff to the country as it beefs up efforts to help the Government respond to severe floods that have affected five other countries after heavy rainfall in Central America. continue reading »

Tsunami Damage Being Assessed in Latin America, Minor Thus Far

The 9.0 magnitude earth quake in Japan unleashed a tsunami that resulted in enormous devastation in Japan and resulted in numerous tsunami warnings in Latin America. continue reading »

Walls of Water and Mud Sweep Through Rio de Janeiro, Killing 350 with Many Missing

At least 350 people have died and scores of people are missing when walls of earth and water hit the northern mountain regions of Rio de Janeiro yesterday. continue reading »

UN:  Dozens of Towns in Colombia Still Remain Underwater, Millions Remain Displaced

The United Nations refugee agency is boosting its efforts to provide emergency assistance to thousands of Colombians affected by recent flooding that has been called the worst natural catastrophe in the country’s history by its leader. continue reading »

Disasters of 2010 that Made Headlines, Many Occurring in Latin America

2010 was a year marked by disasters both natural and man-made throughout the global, as every month came with its dose of cruel fate and the unexpected rage of mother nature. More than half of these disasters hit effected Latin America resulting in catastrophic loss of life, and billions in damages. continue reading »

UPDATE:  Chavez Blames Country’s Flooding and Deaths on Capitalism

The death toll from torrential rains and mudslides in Venezuela has risen to 32 people dead and 70,000 homeless. In an angry rhetorical, President Hugo Chavez blamed the devastation on "criminal" capitalism and the "arrogance" of rich nations. continue reading »