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Tag Results for "Nato"

Crown Prince Meets with NATO Official in Madrid

Spain's Crown Prince Felipe held talks in Madrid Friday with the chairman of the NATO Military Committee about Madrid's contribution to the missions of the Atlantic Alliance and the organization's main international projects and challenges. continue reading »

Cuba Tells UN, US is Intervening in Libya as Excuse to Plunder their Resources

A “preventive war” is taking place in Libya using the protection of civilians as a pretext to plunder the country’s resources, Cuba’s Foreign Minister told the General Assembly’s annual general debate today, calling for Libyans to be left alone to decide their destiny. continue reading »

Spanish Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan by Road Bombs, Making It Deadliest NATO Mission for Spain

Two Spanish armed force members in there 20’s are amongst the dead in a deadly bombing in Afghanistan while three other Spaniards were injured. The roadside land mine was tripped when the military vehicle the Spaniards were riding triggered it. continue reading »