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Tag Results for "National Council Of La Raza"

NCLR Urges Congress to Stop Budget Cuts and Focus on Closing Tax Loopholes

With Congress likely to vote as early as today on a budget resolution to continue funding the government beyond September 30, national Latino leaders are urging senators to pass a federal budget that invests in our future, creates jobs and closes tax loopholes. Earlier today, NCLR (National Council of La Raza) participated in a Senate staff briefing on Capitol Hill focused on the federal budget and the impact of sequestration on Latino communities. continue reading »

Efforts to Get Out Hispanic 2014 Vote Under Way in Arizona, Nevada, Texas

National organizations announced Thursday their efforts to get out the Hispanic vote for the 2014 legislative elections in states such as Arizona, Nevada and Texas. continue reading »

First Lady to NCLR: Pres. Obama Will Fight for Immigration Reform

President Barack Obama will continue fighting for comprehensive immigration reform, the first lady said here Tuesday in a speech to one of the country's largest Hispanic organizations. continue reading »

NCLR Meets in New Orleans as Immigration Reform Winds Through Congress

Hundreds of U.S. political and community leaders are meeting in New Orleans for the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza, or NCLR, to analyze the course of immigration reform and other matters affecting the Hispanic community. continue reading »

Dept. of Labor Sues National Council of La Raza Action Fund for Violating Whistleblower Act

The U.S. Department of Labor has sued National Council of La Raza Action Fund Inc., successor to Democracia USA, a nonprofit community engagement and Hispanic voter registration organization in Orlando, for allegedly terminating an employee who raised health concerns about potential exposure to mold and other environmental factors in his workplace. continue reading »

Help NCLR Combat Childhood Hunger This Holiday Season

While most Americans celebrate the holidays with friends and family around crowded tables overflowing with home-cooked dishes, millions of Latino children and families will go to bed without any food in their stomachs. continue reading »

NCLR, Local Groups Collect 30,000 Signatures Demanding Housing Crisis Resolution

With less than one month left until Election Day, both President Obama and Gov. Romney have been all too quiet on issues related to housing reform. Millions of Americans have already lost their homes and millions more are at risk of foreclosure, yet neither presidential candidate appears willing to specifically address how he will resolve the housing crisis. continue reading »

NCLR REPORT:  Latinos More Likely to be Supportove of Gay and Lesbian Rights

Countering popular assumptions that Hispanics are more anti-gay than other segments of society, a new report co-released by NCLR (National Council of La Raza) and Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) finds that Latinos are, in fact, as open and tolerant, if not more tolerant, than the general population in the U.S. toward gays and lesbians. continue reading »

¡Fuerza!  Stronger Economy, Stronger Latino Workers

NCLR hosts second annual Workforce Development Forum in the Windy City. NCLR (National Council of La Raza) will host its second annual Workforce Development Forum in Chicago at the DoubleTree Hotel continue reading »

Number of Latinos Getting College Degrees Way Below National Average

Despite an important demographic shift across the United States, a limited proportion of Latinos are earning college degrees. While Latino youth now represent the largest minority group in K—12 U.S. schools and are the fastest-growing segment of students, Latino college completion stands at just 19.2 percent – far below the national average of 41.1 percent. continue reading »

NCLR Commends Immigration Policy That Puts Safety First When Immigration Laws Enforced

NCLR (National Council of La Raza) praised the announcement made by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regarding important steps that the agency will be taking to better focus continue reading »

Senator Menendez Responds to President Obama’s Remarks at the NCLR Annual Conference (BILINGUAL)

US Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chairman of the Senate Democratic Task Force and author of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, today released the following statement in response to President Obama’s remarks at the National Council of La Raza Annual Conference: continue reading »

President Obama to Address National Council of La Raza Annual Conference

The White House has confirmed that President Barack Obama will speak at the 2011 NCLR (National Council of La Raza) Annual Conference, NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía announced today. continue reading »

NCLR, Casa Esperanza and Others Host Free Home Rescue Fair

The Alliance for Stabilizing Our Communities—led by NCLR (National Council of La Raza), the National Urban League (NUL), and the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (National CAPACD), with the support of Bank of America continue reading »

Study: Young Latinos Without Diplomas or GEDs Will Have Even Fewer Job Opportunities by 2018

Tuesday, the National Council of La Raza has released a report showing that the school dropout rate of Latino teenagers is now 28 percent, and those who do not finish school face greater social and job-market obstacles in their future. continue reading »

National Council of La Raza Embarks On Unique Study of Diabetes Management in Latino Seniors

In a joint effort to improve the health of Hispanic seniors with type 2 diabetes, Humana and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) have launched a study to test the “promotores de salud” – or, community health worker – approach to help this patient population better manage their disease to improve their health and well being. continue reading »

Majority of Children in Puerto Rico Live in Poverty

A recent report from the National Council of La Raza paints a grim picture for the youth of Puerto Rico: 56% live in poverty, they have highest rate of teen births, and the highest rate in U.S. of teens not attending school or working. continue reading »

Rep Barney Frank, “Lazy People Don’t Immigrate”

Rep Barney Frank (D-Mass) received an award from National Council of La Raza at a black tie event ant the National Building Museum this week. continue reading »

Good Jobs Still Scarce Despite Growth in Industries with Strong Latino Representation

NCLR (National Council of La Raza) today released an analysis of Latino employment trends showing that significant job growth is occurring in industries with strong Latino representation. continue reading »

Latino Council Asking For Revision of Juvenile Justice System

The United States' largest Latino civil rights organization is urging the government to make some changes to the juvenile justice system to allow for more fairness. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) has claimed that Latino young people receive “harsher treatment” continue reading »