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Tag Results for "Narcocorridos"

Mexican Singer Kidnapped, Tortured and Shot for Not Playing Requested Song

A singer with the norteña band Los Ciclones del Arroyo was kidnapped and shot in the leg after refusing to perform a song requested by a group of people at a party in Choix, a city in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, police said. continue reading »

“Narcocorrido” Band Member Killed in Mexico

A member of a band specializing in songs about the exploits and travails of drug kingpins was gunned down Friday in the western Mexican state of Sinaloa, authorities said. continue reading »

‘Tigres del Norte’ Banned from Chihuahua for Performing ‘Narcocorridos’

After singing ‘Narcocorridos’ or songs that allegedly glorify the drug trafficking industry in Mexico, the famous group, Los Tigres del Norte, will no longer perform in Mexico’s Chihuahua state. continue reading »

Songs of the Drug Lord: “Narcocorridos” Impose Their Own Fashion Trends

Vinyl jackets and T-shirts with prints of rifles and skulls are some of the fashion statements being made by fans of "narcocorridos": ballads about the lives, deaths and exploits of Mexican drug lords. continue reading »

Narco Singer Gunned Down With AK-47 in Mexico (VIDEO)

A singer-songwriter who performed grupero music and "narcocorridos," ballads that recount the exploits and travails of drug kingpins, was gunned down over the weekend continue reading »

Another Mexican Grupero Musician Executed in Mexico (VIDEO)

Well known Mexican Grupero musician, Fabian Ortega Piñon was killed in Chihuahua, Mexico in the town of Guerrero. The 28 year-old singer’s body was found with two other unidentified bodies and were bullet-ridden. continue reading »