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Tag Results for "Narco Tunnels"

440-Foot Long ‘Narco’ Tunnel Found in Mexico Near Border

Mexican army soldiers found a suspected "narcotunnel" under construction in a northwestern border city, military officials said. continue reading »

More Narco Tunnels Found Near U.S. Mexico Border

Mexico's army said it discovered two "narcotunnels" in less than 24 hours on the northeast side of Tijuana, a hardscrabble metropolis located across the border from San Diego. continue reading »

Another Narco Tunnel Found in Nogales, 100 Feet into Mexico

The Tucson Sector Border Patrol, a component of the Joint Field Command-Arizona, discovered another illicit tunnel yesterday in Nogales, just six days after their earlier find of a smaller tunnel in the same town. continue reading »

Mexican National Get Over 11 Years for Building Arizona Narco Tunnel

Victor A. Flores, 52, of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, was sentenced Oct. 3, 2011, to 135 months in prison by visiting U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson for conspiring with other persons to possess with intent to distribute i continue reading »

NARCO NEWS:  980-foot Long Drug Tunnel Found Under U.S.-Mexico Border

Mexican authorities are reporting that they have discovered a 980-foot long narco tunnel between Tijuana, Mexico and the U.S. The tunnel was found by the Mexican military on Friday inside a house in Tijuana. A Santa Muerte alter was also found inside the Tijuana house. continue reading »