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Tag Results for "Narco News"

Mass Grave Uncovered in Mexico, 17 Bodies Found Thus Far

Mexican authorities have uncovered what appears to be a mass grave site with two graves in the town of San Miguel Totolapan, located in the southern state of Guerrero. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: 26 Grenades Found in Garbage Can in Center of Mazatlan

The Municipal Police of Mazatlan have reported they discovered 26 grenades that were hidden inside a garbage can, right in the center of Mazatlan, Sinaloa. continue reading »

Mexican Drug Lord ‘The Condor” Shot Dead (VIDEO)

Mexican security forces have shot dead a top figure within the Juarez cartel in the northern state of Chihuahua in an important strike for President Felipe Calderon's drug war. continue reading »

US Missionary Falls Victim of Drug Cartel Violence

Nancy Davis, 59, U.S. missionary working in Mexico died in a Texas Hospital Wednesday after being shot in the head by gunmen in Mexico. continue reading »

La Familia Cartel Supposedly Disbanded

Banners appeared on bridges in the Mexican state of Michoacán on Monday, announcing the brutal cartel “La Familia is completely dissolved.” continue reading »

Last Remains Recovered from Puerto Rico National Guard Helicopter Crash

The remains Puerto Rico National Guard Carlos Acevedo have been recovered today following the helicopter crash of Dec 20. The remains of the pilot were found along the coast of Loiza, a beach community near the U.S. Island’s capital of San Juan, said National Guard Gen. Antonio Vicens. continue reading »

Mexico Captures “Most Wanted” Zetas Founder ”El Amarillo”

Mexican officials announced today that one of Mexico’s most wanted fugitives has been arrested in southern Mexico. Flavio Mendez Santiago, alias "El Amarillo," was arrested Monday in a federal police operation in a town north of Oaxaca, continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Blood in Neza, Nine People Executed

A group of people were enjoying a party at a house in Esperanza , de Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México, when gunmen stormed the home. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Nueva Leon Mayors Office Scene of Gunfire and Panic

At dawn today, an armed commando pulled up in front of the Mayor’s Office in Gral. Teran Nuevo Leon and opened fire. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: 14 Decapitated Bodies Found in Acapulco Mexico

Police found 15 bodies, all slain men on a street outside a shopping center in Acapulco today. All but one of the bodies had been decapitated. WARNING: GRUESOME PICTURES continue reading »

Popular Mexican High Priest of Death Cult Arrested on Kidnapping and Extortion Charges

Yesterday, Mexican officials announced the arrest of David Romo, high priest of the death cult ‘Santa Muerte’ also known as Mexico’s Death Saint cult. continue reading »

U.S. Charges Colombians with Major Cocaine Distribution on the High Seas

A former Colombian maritime training instructor and a co-conspirator have pleaded guilty to conspiring to transport thousands of kilograms of cocaine from various ports along the coast of Colombia to waiting vessels that transported the cocaine to the United States and other countries. continue reading »

More Migrant Abducted in Mexico, 50 Kidnapped Last Week Remain Missing

On the heels of last week’s abduction of 50 migrants from Central American in Mexico, there appears to be another kidnapping in the same area, this time of nine migrants. continue reading »

Cocaine Laced Easter Eggs Found at LAX - Dad Insists Its His Kids Christmas Candy

There is nothing like getting ready for a holiday while celebrating another holiday but it also draws the attention of immigration and custom's officials. continue reading »

Guatemala Continues Its Crackdown on Mexican Drug Cartels Operating in Its Country

This weekend the Guatemala government captured nearly twenty-two alleged Los Zetas cartel members and confiscated their automatic weapons and small planes in a nationwide sweep. continue reading »

Mexican Soldiers Implicated in Another Killing of Innocent Bystanders, This Time an American

In at least the third case this year, Mexican soldiers have been implicated in killing an innocent bystander; this time it was a 32-year old New York native. Joseph Proctor was living a quiet living in a beach town outside of Acapulco, when he was gunned down by a Mexican army patrol. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  41 Prison Guards & Prison Director Implicated in Escape of 151 Mexican Inmates

Eugenio Hernandez, governor of the state of Tamaulipas announced that the Attorney General's Office has identified the 41 guards that collaborated with the 151 inmates from a prison that escaped, in his state. continue reading »

Narco Blog- Mexicans March in Support of “ La Familia” Drug Cartel

In an unprecedented event, on Sunday citizens of the Apatzingan community expressed support for La Familia drug cartel by organizing a march. In recent days life has become so dangerous in Apatzingan that continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Leader of La Familia ‘El Chayo’ Killed – Cartel Sends Dire Warning

It had been reported that during the clashes in Michoacan, one of the leader of Familia Michoacana had been shot dead, authorities are now confirming that it was Nazario González Moreno, continue reading »

U.S. Officials Meet with 14-Year Old Mexican Assassin; Two Sisters also Drug Cartel Members

U.S. Embassy officials in Mexico met with the 14-year alleged assassin in prison to assure his safety and inform him of his rights in a foreign country, should he indeed be a U.S. citizen. continue reading »