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Tag Results for "Narco News"

Mexico Police Find Crooks, Cocks, Prostitutes and More Inside Local Jail

The 550 policemen who paid a surprise visit to an Acapulco penitentiary with the intention of transferring 60 inmates to a different jail, never expected what they found inside. continue reading »

Newspaper Office in Vera Cruz Mexico Set on Fire With 20 Employees Inside

Mexican authorities in the state of Veracruz are reporting that early this morning a local newspaper office was set ablaze with approximately 20 employees inside it. continue reading »

Mexican Army Seize Luxury Narco Ranch 100 Miles From the Border (VIDEO)

Last year, the Zetas begun extorting locals in Vallecillo, causing them to flee, leaving behind their properties that the criminals used for training quarters while upgrading its luxury standards. continue reading »

Brazilian Police Car Crashes Into Smuggler’s Plane (VIDEO)

Brazilian feds arrested a gang of five smugglers after crashing their police vehicle into the left wing of the criminal’s plane. continue reading »

Mexican Army Seizes Two Catapults, 1.2 Tons of Marijuana in Border Town

Mexican soldiers raided an Agua Prieta home and found stolen vehicles, over a ton of marijuana, a portable catapult fixed to a truck, and another inside the house. continue reading »

Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel Operating in Arizona Dismantled, 76 Arrested

Federal, state and local authorities announced the results Monday of "Operation Pipeline Express," a 17-month multi-agency investigation responsible for dismantling a massive narcotics t continue reading »

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Kidnapped by Zeta’s, Group Threatens to Reveal Narco’s Corrupt Allies

In a one-of-kind move that is full of bravado and boldness the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ is threatening the vicious Mexican narco cartel Los Zetas. Allegedly one of the international hacker’s from “Anonymous” was kidnapped by the Zetas in Veracruz. continue reading »

7,500 Rounds of Ammunition About to be Smuggled to Mexico Seized at Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers assigned to the Tucson Field Office, a component of CBP’s Joint Field Command – Arizona, arrested a man for attempting to smuggle nearly 7,500 rounds of ammunition into Mexico yesterday. continue reading »

Record Cocaine Seizure in Barcelona Port – Hidden in Coffee Shipment (VIDEO)

The Spain's Guardia Civil is reporting the attempted smuggling of 625 kilos (almost 1,400 pounds) of cocaine in a freight container from Brazil. continue reading »

Global Criminals Laundered $1.6 Trillion in Illegal Cash, Drug Trafficking Most Lucrative Enterprise

Criminals may have laundered around $1.6 trillion in 2009, one fifth of that coming from the illicit drug trade, according to a new report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  Nearly 100 lb of Illegal Mexican Bologna Smuggled Inside Truck Tires

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at the El Paso port of entry seized eight rolls of Mexican bologna this morning. The prohibited product was hidden in the spare tire of a truck that entered the port from Mexico. The contraband meat weighed a total of 76 pounds. continue reading »

15-Year Mexican Teen Detained as Narco Leader and Killer of 2 Female Associates

Mexico once again has a teen-narco killer on its hands, known by the nickname of “El Gallito” or “The Little Rooster”, who is alleged to have run a drug gang and have murdered two female underlings of his. continue reading »

Colombia Cocaine Lab Destroyed in Raid

Colombia police say a large illegal drug processing laboratory has been destroyed during a raid that netted six tons of cocaine valued at $180 million. Police say they also seized tons of other material in the raid in a rural section continue reading »

Crime data and Spillover Violence Along the Southwest Border

As organized crime-related violence has increased in northern Mexico, so has the heated rhetoric regarding the U.S. side of the border. The title of National Geographic’s program, Border Wars, exemplifies the sentiment, echoed by several politicians, that the border region is lawless and dangerous. For residents of the U.S. border region, thankfully, the reality is anything but that. continue reading »

More Mayhem in Veracruz, Mexico

Just two days after the signing of the plan "Veracruz Seguro" between the federal government and the state government of Veracruz, 32 bodies were found in 3 houses, and another 4 bodies were found on the same day, continue reading »

More and More Children Found as Decoys in Drug Smuggling Operations

In what has become a disturbing recent trend, criminals are using children as decoys in drug smuggling vehicles. In the last two days, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Tucson Sector, a component of the Joint Field Command – Arizona, have removed five children from vehicles in two failed smuggling attempts. continue reading »

Mexican National Get Over 11 Years for Building Arizona Narco Tunnel

Victor A. Flores, 52, of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, was sentenced Oct. 3, 2011, to 135 months in prison by visiting U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson for conspiring with other persons to possess with intent to distribute i continue reading »

Global Action Needed to Stop Deadly Drug Gangs Say Anti-Crime Experts

Warning that the solution to narcotics trafficking must be global in scale, the chief United Nations anti-crime official began a two-day official visit to Mexico, where tens of thousands of people have been murdered and mutilated in drug wars over the past five years. continue reading »

Former Colombian Maritime Instructor Sentenced for Transporting Cocaine

A former Colombian maritime training instructor and a co-conspirator were sentenced to federal prison for conspiring to transport thousands of kilograms of cocaine continue reading »

International Concern About Journalist Killings in Mexico

The United Nations human rights office expressed concern over the increase in the number of killings of journalists in Mexico this year, continue reading »