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Tag Results for "Narco News"

Narco House & Tourist Attraction Where Pablo Escobar Gunned Down is Sold

The house where Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar died, a must-see for tourists in the northwestern city of Medellin, is up for sale, the daily El Tiempo said Monday. continue reading »

Latino Children Who Are Citizens Being Recruited by Narcos to Smuggle Drugs into U.S.

Children between the ages of 11 and 17 are being recruited by Mexico's drug cartels to smuggle narcotics and work as spies, the Mexican press reported Sunday, citing information from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. continue reading »

Colombian FARC Guerrillas are Large Land Owners

Colombia's FARC guerrilla group has carried out land seizures and owns - in the names of straw men - farms of up to 42,000 hectares (105,000 acres), the director of the Territorial Consolidation and Reconstruction Unit, Alvaro Balcazar, said in an interview published by the El Tiempo newspaper. continue reading »

Professional Mexican Soccer Player, El Gato, Who Turned into Narco Kidnapper is Arrested

A former professional soccer player turned Gulf cartel kidnapping specialist was arrested in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, prosecutors said. continue reading »

Journalist Gunned Down in Northern Mexico, Same Area Where 30 Oil Workers Went Missing

Raul Regulo Garza Quirino, a reporter for the La Ultima Palabra newspaper, was shot dead by several gunmen while driving in Cadereyta, a city in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, police said. continue reading »

Narco Boat Loaded with Marijuana Seized Off California Coast, 10 Arrested

Ten people are in custody following the predawn interdiction Wednesday of a Mexican "panga" boat loaded with more than a ton of marijuana along the Ventura County coast north of Los Angeles. continue reading »

Narco Blog: 14 Kidnapped from Rehab Facility then Bldg Set Ablaze

A heavily armed group entered an alcoholism rehab facility, located municipalities Temixco Cuernavaca, in Morelos state.Criminals who were wearing hoods entered the place and kidnapped a total of 14 of the men trying to recover from alcoholism. continue reading »

49 Kidnappings per day occurred in Mexico in 2011 up 32%

An average of 49 kidnappings per day occurred in Mexico in 2011, marking a significant increase from the prior year, the Council for Law and Human Rights, or CLDH, said. continue reading »

HS News Narco Blog: Arms Distributor for Pacific Cartel” El Ramy” Arrested in Mexico

Mexican authorities announced the arrest Saturday in the western city of Culiacan of a suspected arms distributor serving the Pacific cartel, Ramiro Rendon Rivera, alias "El Ramy." continue reading »

Narco Blog: Gas Station Blown Up in Acapulco

Members of an organized crime group attacked another gas station in the port city of Acapulco, Guerrero, authorities confirmed from the Municipal Public Security Ministry. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Criminals Storm Bar, Strip Women and Open Fire

" They put women in the bathroom, stripped of their belonging, then began firing on the spot ", the Office of Coahuila confirmed an attack by an armed commando Friday continue reading »

Narco Blog:  Murders Continue in Chihuahua

A man was executed after receiving 15 shots in different parts of the body, outside his home in the San Isidro Trails Fractionation in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Man Executed in Front of Dozens of Witnesses

A group of gunmen did not care that their victim was with his family and many other witnesses when he was brutally executed. The man who was with his family and he just came home in the Miguel Hidalgo in Parral, Chihuahua. continue reading »

U.S. Treasury Targets Panamian Money Laundering Operation for Narcos in Mexico & Colombia

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) today designated Lebanese-Colombian nationals Jorge Fadlallah Cheaitelly (“Cheaitelly”) and Mohamad Zouheir El Khansa ( continue reading »

Narco Blog:  Court Overturns Election in Mexican State, Cartel Threatens Candidates

Mexican judges on Wednesday overturned the result of the Nov. 13 mayoral ballot in Morelia, capital of the western state of Michoacan, citing violations of campaign law by the winner's party. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Young Man Murdered, Companions Kidnapped

Today in the morning, a young man was sitting with his friends a few yards from his home in Colonia Cuauhtemoc Union in the city of Monterrey, continue reading »

Narco Blog: Man Left Charred in Open Lot ( Warning Gruesome Photo)

Elements of the Nayarit State Police, went to the colony Valle de La Cruz, in Tepic, where they could found a man who had been burned by a group of organized crime. continue reading »

Narco Blog: 13 Bodies Found Near Mexican Port City

Soldiers found 13 bodies inside a vehicle on a highway near Tampico, a port city in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, state prosecutors said. continue reading »

Mexican Navy Makes Pot Seizure off Baja California

Slightly more than half a ton of marijuana was seized aboard a speedboat some 224 kilometers (139 miles) west of the Coronado Islands, located off the coast of Baja California and near the border with the United States, and three suspects were arrested, the Mexican Navy Secretariat said Sunday. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Women Tortured and Executed Christmas Morning

On the morning of Saturday, authorities in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, moved to the vicinity of Camino Real and Feldspar Street after receiving reports of a woman dead at the scene. continue reading »