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Tag Results for "Narco News"

Mexico’s Zocalo Newspapers to Stop Reporting Crime News in Order to Assure Safety of Journalists

The Zocalo newspaper group, which publishes dailies in northern Mexico, said that commencing Monday it would stop reporting on organized crime because "there are no guarantees or security for the full exercise of journalism." continue reading »

Extreme Trafficking: Ultra Light Aircraft from MX Drops 230 Pounds of Pot into U.S.

Yesterday, U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Indio station seized 230 pounds of marijuana that was dropped by an ultra-light aircraft. continue reading »

REPORT:  Mexico Making Progress in Its Battle Against Heroin and Synthetic Drug Cultivation

Mexico, the country most affected by drug-related violence, is making significant progress in battling heroin and synthetic drugs, the International Narcotics Control Board, or INCB, said in its annual report. continue reading »

High Ranking Gulf Cartel Narco Convicted for Importing Several Tons of Cocaine

Aurelio Cano Flores, a Mexican national and high ranking member of the Gulf Cartel, was found guilty yesterday to importing multi-tons of cocaine and marijuana into the U.S. continue reading »

Mexican Girl, 18, Arrested for Smuggling Heroin

A female Mexican national was arrested Wednesday for attempting to smuggle nearly a pound of heroin through the Dennis DeConcini Port. Customs and Border Protection officers selected Selena Andrea Perez-Cruz continue reading »

CBP Disrupts 2 Attempts to Move Cocaine

Trackers spot boats in Pacific, Caribbean waters - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and its interagency partners disrupted two separate maritime smuggling attempts, continue reading »

Mexican Government Identifies New Narco Cartels Working in Country

Mexico‚Äôs National Security Cabinet revealed the emergence of new drug trafficking organizations that have formed after splintering from pre-existing cartels, groups that have taken root in the central and north of Mexico. continue reading »

Border Authorities Shut Down Underground Narco Tunnel Between U.S. and Mexico

U.S. and Mexican authorities have uncovered an incomplete underground tunnel between both countries and extending five-feet in the U.S. it is a suspected narco tunnel continue reading »

Police Shootout in Coahuila Leaves 4 Dead

In Mexico news, authorities are reporting police engaged gunmen after being fired on in Coahuila, Mexico. The gun battle left four of the gunmen dead, it is suspected they are escaped prisoners continue reading »

Latin America News: Peru National Police Fire 498 of Their Own

In Latin America news, Peru's national police fired 498 police officers including police chiefs and senior officers, all in an effort to eliminate corruption and affiliations with narcos. continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  Six Pounds of Meth Found in Buckets of Chicken by Border Patrol

During a routine border stop two females were found to have six bags of meth inside two buckets of carry-out chicken. The meth was valued at $58,700. Both women were arrested. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Gunmen Kill 6 Members of Family in Mexico

Gunmen killed six members of a family and wounded a seventh in Monterrey, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, state officials said. A group of gunmen traveling in two vehicles entered a store around noon Wednesday and opened fire on everyone inside, a Nuevo Leon Security Council spokesman said. continue reading »

Border Patrol Seizes 30 Pounds of Meth Valued at Nearly $1 Million

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Indio station apprehended a suspected narcotics smuggler at the Highway 86 checkpoint and seized approximately 30 pounds of methamphetamine. continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING: $850,000 Worth of Pot Found Near Border in Military Duffel Bags

U.S. Border Patrol agents throughout Del Rio sector seized more than 1,050 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated value of $850,025. continue reading »

Drug Tunnel Discovered at Arizona-Mexico Border

The U.S. federal government has dismantled 26 drug-smuggling tunnels in this town on the border with Mexico over the past three years, the most recent of which was discovered this week. Federal authorities on Wednesday found a cross-bord continue reading »

Border Patrol Dogs Alert Authorities to 232K of Drugs Woman has Hidden in Dash

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations officers at the Nogales Port arrested a Mexican woman today for attempting to smuggle approximately $232,400 worth of black tar heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine into the United States. Reyna Gisela Ramirez-Hernandez, 34, of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, was referred for additional inspection of her Chevrolet van continue reading »

Colombian Drug Lord Arrested in Panama

A man suspected of being the leader of Colombia's Oficina de Envigado gang was arrested over the weekend by the National Police in Panama, officials said. continue reading »

Border Patrol at Arizona Border Seize Cocaine, Meth Valued at $551K

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations officers at the Nogales Port arrested two Mexican nationals in separate incidents Tuesday for attempting to smuggle approximately $551,000 worth of cocaine and methamphetamine into the United States. continue reading »

GUATEMALA: 16 With Alleged Ties to Los Zetas Captured

Guatemalan security forces on Thursday captured 16 people - all Guatemalans - allegedly linked to the Mexican drug trafficking organization Los Zetas, a government minister said. continue reading »

33-Foot Deep Narco Tunnel Found Near U.S. - Mexico Border, 17 Arrested

Army troops found a clandestine tunnel under construction in Tijuana, a border city in the northwestern state of Baja California, and arrested 17 people, Mexican media reported. continue reading »