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Tag Results for "Narco Blog"

Blog del Narco: Cartel Members Held in Murder and Dismemberment of Six

Body parts found stuffed into plastic bags in the central Mexican state of Mexico belonged to six different victims, authorities said. Police arrested 11 people in connection with the killings, the state's public safety secretary, Salvador Neme Sastre, told a press conference in Toluca, the state capital. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: 8 Month Old Baby Left Unharmed With Two Corpses

Two women with headshot wounds were found in Colonia La Florencia west of Saltillo. Beside their dead bodies was a baby of eight months with hypothermia and a narcomessage. The victims were left face down on a blanket, but authorities did not reveal the content of the message. Witnesses report that two pickup trucks were seen in the colony with gunmen who fired shots. continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  Nearly 3,000 Pounds of Pot Mixed in With Cucumber Shipment

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Calexico cargo facility arrested a man after they discovered 2,791 pounds of marijuana co-mingled within a shipment of cucumbers. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Young Doctor Shot by Police in Coyuca de Catalan

The corpse of the young man killed in a clash with the army in the vicinity of State Road Coyuca de Catalán-Ajuchitlán has been identified and claimed by relatives. The victim was recognized as Gregorio Alvarez Salas, 20-year-old native of Pungarabatito, municipality of Coyuca de Catalan, where he practiced as a naturopathic doctor. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Three Young Men Found Executed in Los Reyes La Paz

Three young men of about 18, 20, and 22 years of age were attacked and killed by subjects who were shot repeatedly and then escaped via a footbridge. The three youths were killed and their bodies were left lying on the bank of the Mexico-Puebla, at the height of Los Reyes La Paz. continue reading »

Spanish Authorities Break Up Coke Smuggling Ring from Latin America

Spanish police arrested seven people who were trying to smuggle 93 kilograms of cocaine into the country hidden in blocks of stone, which had been seized by Chilean customs authorities before they could be shipped to Spain. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Security Officer Shot while Foiling Kidnpping

The homicide division is reviewing the Ministerial Police video surveillance cameras that captured the moments when a security guard is shot dead while thwarting the kidnapping of a woman entrepreneur in a shopping mall in Montebello. So far research staff has five videos showing when an employee of the security company "ADEP" Gregorio Pérez Gutiérrez, who had 38 years of age is shot dead. continue reading »

Border Patrol Seize Coke and Meth Along California Interstate

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to duties on Interstate 5 in Southern California prevented two narcotic smuggling attempts Tuesday near San Clemente. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Decapitated Head Left With Narco Message in Chalco Valley (Photo Warning)

The municipality of Valle de Chalco conurbado is ground zero in a war between cartels fighting for control of the territory to sell drugs.The body of a man, dismembered and divided into parts, was left in black bags and abandoned on the streets of the San Isidro. continue reading »

Extreme Trafficking:  12 Narco Smugglers Caught with 1,250 Pounds of Pot in Arizona Desert

A dozen drug smugglers carrying 1,250 pounds of marijuana were arrested Tuesday night by Ajo Station Border Patrol agents patrolling near Pia Oik, Ariz. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: US Imposes Sanctions on Rival Drug Cartel in Sinaloa

The U.S. government announced new sanctions against a drug cartel in Mexico, led by the Flores Meza family, acknowledging them as a rival of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel. The cartel leader Isidro Fausto Meza Flores and seven other members of his family as well as three companies were formally designated as drug trafficking organization by the US Treasury Department. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Awaiting DNA Tests to Identify Body Parts Dispersed in Monterrey

Possible missing parts of human remains found Monday in Ciudad Solidaridad, were found yesterday in Cologne CROC. On Monday authorities located a man's torso while legs, arms and a head were found yesterday. continue reading »

Smugglers’ Strategy: Abandon Dope ( Border Patrol Seizes $2.2 Million in Pot)

Ajo Station agents seized 4,585 pounds of abandoned marijuana during three separate incidents in the West Desert yesterday. Ajo Station agents assigned to the all-terrain unit were patrolling near Why, Ariz., Monday morning when they discovered an abandoned Chevy Suburban loaded with 85 bundles of marijuana continue reading »

Blog del Narco: VIDEO sent After Two Found Dismembered in Durango

Blog del Narco has received the following video by e-mail, showing interrogation of a young man and a woman. The date and place that the recording was produced are unknown. In the video, two individuals are being guarded by two men wearing military-style clothing and heavily armed. A stranger is heard asking multiple questions. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Brothers Found Executed in Sinaloa

Police have discovered two brothers who had been shot to death on a dirt road leading to the area community basurón Pitayita. The bodies were discovered on Monday morning. The bodies have been identified as Enrique Fidel and Hugo Urias, 46 and 44, respectively. continue reading »

11 People Murdered Throughout Mexico City Metropolitan Area

The bodies of 11 people were found in Mexico state, which surrounds the Federal District and forms part of the Mexico City metropolitan area, officials said. continue reading »

Blog del Narco:  Young Man Found Tortured and Thrown into River

A young man was found with his hands tied behind his back with a yellow rope floating in a pond on the banks of the River Tamazula, near the resort known as "The Currency". The latest victim has not been identified. He is an individual of about 25 to 30 years old. continue reading »

621 lb of Pot Found After Driver Asks Patrol Border for Directions

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a suspected drug smuggler and seized hundreds of pounds of marijuana concealed in a false compartment after he stopped to ask for directions. continue reading »

16-Yr-Old Attempts to Enter Country with Almost 8 Lbs of Pot in Her Backpack

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at the Columbus port of entry seized 7.9 pounds of marijuana this morning. The drugs were hidden in a backpack carried by a 16-year-old female who attempted to enter the country as a pedestrian. continue reading »

Extreme Trafficking:  $3 Million in Heroin and Undeclared Bulk Currency Seized at Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Brownsville and Matamoros International Bridge discovered heroin valued at approximately $3,090,000 allegedly being smuggled into the country by a man driving a Ford F250 continue reading »