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Tag Results for "Msnbc"

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Discusses Immigration, the Economy on MSNBC

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports from Chicago where he has launched a campaign to build support in the business community for immigration reform. Mayor Bloomberg told Andrea Mitchell that immigration reform is the key to both maintaining and growing jobs and innovation in the United States, saying that having a nationwide mentality against immigration is "national suicide." A portion of the transcript can be read here, the full video of the "Andrea Mitchell Reports" interview can be found below. continue reading »

Town Hall Meeting on Immigration and Latino-America- Tonight on MSNBC

This evening, MSNBC, in partnership with Voto Latino, will present a special two-hour town hall event taking an in-depth look at the complex issue of immigration in America and the emerging role of the Latino population in American life and politics. continue reading »