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Tag Results for "Moammar Gaddafi"

Nicaragua Lets Go of Idea to Become Libya’s UN Envoy

After the U.S. threatened to refuse a diplomatic visa for a Nicaraugan diplomat hoping to act as Libya's representative to the United Nations, the idea has been scrapped. Miguel D'Escoto Brockman, a former Maryknoll priest, is a government minister continue reading »

Gaddafi’s Assets in Spain Frozen

As the brutal attacks on his own people continue, Gaddafi’s assets in Spain have been frozen by the country’s government. The freezing of assets in Spain is part of the application of a European Union regulation, continue reading »

Latin American Leaders Stand With Libya’s Gaddafi, Making “An Old Boys Club”

As leaders all around the world side with the people of Libya and not its leader, Moammar Gaddafi, leaders in Latin American are standing by his side, and it is even rumored that Gaddafi has fled to the country of one of these colleagues. continue reading »

Will Venezuela NOW be Run by Two Baboons??

Alot of Venezuelans want to get rid of the 'monkey' running the country known as Hugo Chavez - well now word comes that another 'monkey' might be joining him, Colonel Gaddafi as he flees Libya. Can Latin America's left leaning nation handle these two first-class monkeys?? continue reading »

JUST IN:  European Sources Say Colonel Gaddafi has Fled Libya En Route to Venezuela

Well placed European sources and intelligence ministers are reporting that Colonel Gaddafi may have already fled his native Libya and is en route to Venezuela. continue reading »