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Tag Results for "Mitt Romney"

How Women Changed the Outcome of the Election

There has been much discussion about the demographic makeup of the 2012 electorate, and one thing is clear: Women’s voices determined the outcome of the election. Across the board, women made the difference. Here are seven key facts about women voters and the gender gap in the 2012 elections. continue reading »

Olympian Lochte, Alleged Murderer Zimmerman on GQ’s “Least Influential People of 2012” List

GQ has made some interesting choices for the 2012 list of "Least Influential People" The half-Cuban Olympian Ryan Lochte made the list, with GQ claiming he shattered "the individual-medley-of-dou continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Did Latinos Vote in the 2012 Presidential Elections?

Both parties recognized the importance of Latinos in the 2012 elections. While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama eagerly campaigned to Hispanics, it was obvious which candidate fared better with the Latino vote. Obama won 71 percent of the vote and ultimately won the election. continue reading »

How Latino Voters Annihilated Romney and the Republicans

It is hard to overstate the influence of Latino voters in shaping the results of the 2012 elections. They played a critical role in re-electing President Obama and in saving the Democratic majority in the Senate, again. And immigration clearly was one if the main issues that produced unprecedented Latino turnout levels and historic levels of support for Democratic candidates. continue reading »

ELECTION 2012: Strategists Say Hispanic Vote Will be Historic

Democratic campaign strategists say the Hispanic vote will be "historic" in Tuesday's elections and could be the deciding factor of whether Barack Obama wins a second term in the White House. continue reading »

VOTE Then Celebrate Election Day with an ‘Obama’rita’ or a ‘Mint Romney’

For many, time and energy has been invested and spent and a lot is riding on today's election. So now that you have voted (if not, get to it!) you can help yourself to one (or both) of these political drinks created by Polar Seltzer. continue reading »

Latino Evangelicals and the 2012 Election

Dr. Gaston Espinosa, nationally recognized scholar on Hispanic evangelicals, directed a scientific survey on Latino Religions and the 2012 elections. Espinosa, in cooperation with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference also issued and published a survey in 2008. The survey captures interesting findings particularly on how Hispanic Catholics and Hispanic Evangelicals are currently leaning as it pertains to the Presidential election. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: What Influences Latino and African Youth Voters

With just 4 days until the 2012 general election, the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Education (CIRCLE), the premiere youth think tank based at Tufts University, released an infographic and key summary of polling data, which was released over the last week on youth and the 2012 election. continue reading »

5 Things the Next President Should Learn About Latinos

Regardless of who wins the Presidential race next Tuesday, there is one undeniable factor in the mix this election: the rise of the importance of the Latino electorate. continue reading »

Presidential Race: It’s All About the Latino Ground Game

I mentioned in polite company a couple of times that Latinos are a fourth quarter political people. And even in polite company the idea hasn’t been that well received. But I insist, now that we’re in the fourth quarter of this presidential campaign, it’s our, Latino, time. continue reading »

Latin America Drops from the Map: Ignored in Last Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

Last night’s final Presidential debate focusing on foreign policy, covered a lot of geography but on the whole ignored Latin America. continue reading »

Romney Campaign Blames ‘Communication’ Problem for Poor Showing Amongst Latino Voters

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign denied Monday that extremist elements of the GOP have driven away Hispanics and said the only reason he was trailing in that segment was due to a "communication" problem. continue reading »

Reverend Believes that Latino Faith Voters Could Determine Outcome of Election

Recent studies published by Pew and others confirm the potential embedded in the Hispanic faith electorate. The finding from Pew published this past week indicates that Hispanic Evangelicals stand committed to an agenda that transcends traditional ideological parameters. continue reading »

Catholic Latinos Siding with Obama, Evangelicals Divided

The Latino vote varies according to religion: while Catholics and people without religious affiliation overwhelmingly support President Barack Obama, Hispanic evangelicals are divided, according to a report released Thursday by the Pew Hispanic Center and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. continue reading »

Republicans, Democrats Attack Other Party’s Stance on Immigration

The campaigns of President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney on Wednesday continued to snipe back and forth at each other about immigration reform a day after the issue came up in their second televised debate. continue reading »

Who Won the Debate?  Undocumented Youth Respond to Debate

The DRM Action Coalition who fights for the DREAM Act and the rights of undocumented youth try to answer the question: ‘Who Won the Debate’ the Obama - Romney debate on the issue of immigration? This group did not have to have a debate poll just the debate transcript to take issue with Mitt Romney's use of the word illegal alien. continue reading »

NCLR, Local Groups Collect 30,000 Signatures Demanding Housing Crisis Resolution

With less than one month left until Election Day, both President Obama and Gov. Romney have been all too quiet on issues related to housing reform. Millions of Americans have already lost their homes and millions more are at risk of foreclosure, yet neither presidential candidate appears willing to specifically address how he will resolve the housing crisis. continue reading »

Latino Decisions Poll: Obama Leading Romney Among Florida, Nevada Hispanic Voters

U.S. President Barack Obama is ahead of Republican rival Mitt Romney in Hispanic voter preference in the states of Florida and Nevada, according to a new poll by Latino Decisions for America's Voice. continue reading »

WATCH Jorge Ramos Discuss Latino Voters, Mitt Romney on ‘The Colbert Report’ (VIDEO)

I will begin all by questions with an upside-down question mark." - Colbert -- Noticiero Univision's anchor Jorge Ramos recently stopped by The Colbert Report, and while the show is satirical in nature, Ramos got serious about the today's election issues. continue reading »

Romney Fared Better Than Obama in First Presidential Debate

Repbulican presidential candidate Mitt Romney clearly got the upper hand over President Barack Obama, who appeared nervous and unable to clearly communicate his ideas, in their first televised debate, polls and media reports said. continue reading »