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Tag Results for "Miss San Antonio"

Miss San Antonio 2011 Brouhaha FINALLY Settled

Both Miss San Antonio and the runner-up, who was crowned during a court confrontation, will compete for the Miss Texas 2011 title. Domonique Ramírez was stripped off the title of Miss San Ant continue reading »

Taco’s and Tiaras: Miss San Antonio Dethroned Over Weight? (VIDEO)

The mother of a dethroned Texas beauty queen Lorena BriseIno testified Friday that her 17-year-old daughter had a choice between modeling in the show or appearing as Miss San Antonio. She says Domonique Ramirez wanted to model. continue reading »

Beauty Queen Battle Continues Over Miss San Antonio Crown (VIDEO)

A Texas beauty queen who accused pageant organizers of harassing her about her weight lost her crown for a second time Wednesday, when a judge denied her efforts to temporarily forbid a new Miss San Antonio from taking her place. continue reading »

Beauty Queen Told to Lay Off the Taco’s Gets Crown Back (VIDEO)

Miss San Antonio, who was stripped of her crown for eating too many tacos and gaining weight as well as other infractions, was temporarily reinstated on Friday. Domonique Ramirez, 17, had sued organizers of the Miss San Antonio pageant, whose winner gets a shot at becoming Miss Texas and possibly Miss America. Pageant officials removed Ramirez as Miss San Antonio last month after telling the teenager she violated numerous rules of her contract. continue reading »

San Antonio Beauty Queen Fights to Keep Her Crown

A young beauty queen is fighting to keep her crown after being told to “get off the tacos” by pageant organizers. Domonique Ramirez, 17, currently holds the Miss San Antonio title, but has sued the pageant organizers for trying to take away that title. continue reading »