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Tag Results for "Minority News"

LULAC Warns That State and Local Funding Flexibility Act Will Further Disadvantage Minority

Today, the House of Representatives will mark up The State and Local Funding Flexibility Act, as introduced, will relieve any incentive of schools to commit federal dollars to low-income and historically disadvantaged students, and Native students. continue reading »

Campaign Promotes Use of Minority Banks

The National Bankers Association {NBA}, a cosortium of minority-owned banks, is teaming with nationally-syndicated radio talk show host, Warren Ballentine, to spearhead a national campaign to get minorities and other consumers in the urban areas to bank with minority banks. continue reading »

In Colorado Minority Student Population Grows, Yet Less Minority Teachers

In Colorado as the number of minority students has grown, the number of minority teachers working in the schools has declined – concerning students, parents and teachers alike. continue reading »

The Number of Minorities in Newsroom Continues to Decline

The percentage of minorities in newsrooms totaled 12.79 percent, a decline of .47 percentage points from a year ago, according to the American Society of News Editors (ASNE), which has conducted a census of professional full-time journalists since 1978. continue reading »

STUDY:  Minorities and Women Make Best Hedge Fund Managers

Want an annualized return of 7.5% over three years or 9.1% over the last five then make sure your hedge fund is run by a woman or minority. continue reading »