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Tag Results for "Miners In Chile"

Chilean Official Says Operators Ignored Miner’s Warning Before Collapse

Rescued Miner Juan Illanes has said that operators refused his request to leave the mine three hours before the tragic collapse of August 5th. Illanes says he heard loud sounds and worried a collapse was possible. continue reading »

Miracle At The Mine- What is Next for the Miners (VIDEO)

With the last miner having been rescued, the 33 miners are preparing for the next phase of their lives. In less than 24 hours all the miners had made it to the surface looking healthy and in great spirits. The miners were all extremely grateful to those who had helped rescue them. continue reading »

SUCCESS- Miners Rescued One by One. LIVE VIDEO

Cheers erupted as the first of the miners reached the surface, since then 12 miners have ascended from the mine. Last nights rescue was broadcast live to the entire world with 1600 media people covering the event. Cheers erupted as the first of the miners reached the surface, since then 11 miners have ascended from the mine. continue reading »

Chile Miners Rescue to Begin Wednesday (VIDEO)

Engineers have completed the inspection of the shaft and concluded they must only reinforce the top few hundred feet. continue reading »

Bore Hole Reaches Trapped Chilean Miners, But Risks Remain

On Saturday, Chilean rescuers completed a shaft that will be used to rescue the 33 miners who have been trapped for over two months inside the collapsed mine. Engineers used special care when drilling through the last 4 yards of rock to avoid tunnel collapse then the horn blast rang out. Unleashing a wave of euphoria from rescuers and family alike. continue reading »

Escape Shaft Could Reach Chile Miners Saturday

Chiles mining minister said that the trapped Chilean miners “could be reached by Saturday.” Preparations are also underway at the drill site to keep family and media from rushing the area. Police are stationed at all the camp entrances and everyone must show their official government passes. continue reading »

Trapped Miners May be Rescued This Weekend

33 Chilean Miners trapped underground since August 5 may see daylight as early as this weekend. Of the three efforts underway to reach the miners, plan B is advancing at more than 100 feet a day and could reach them miners very soon. continue reading »

Chilean Miners Survive on Courage and the Support of Each Other

On August 5th an estimated 700,000 tons of rock collapsed and closed off the main section of the mineshaft. The men had just gathered in the dining room/refuge are for lunch. The dining room is 12 ft by 12 ft and has a fortified ceiling that is 15 ft high. One moment sooner and later would have had tragic results. continue reading »

50th Day Spent Trapped in Mine

The 33-trapped miners in Chile have been not only set a record for time underground but they have become national heroes in their own rite. The event has brought an often-divided population singularly together behind the miners. The miners have been praised for their strength and discipline and typically respond with humble sober notes. continue reading »

Baby Esperanza gives Hope to Miners (VIDEO)

The wife of Ariel Ticona, who is one of the 33 men trapped in mine collapse in Chile has given birth to a baby girl, the couples first child. The intended name was to be Carolina until the new father sent word that he would like to call her Esperanza (Spanish for Hope), the BBC reports today. continue reading »