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Tag Results for "Migrants In Mexico"

Authorities Rescue 6 Migrants Lost in Mexican Mountains

Mexican authorities rescued six migrants, five of them Central Americans, who had been lost for 10 days in a mountainous part of the northern state of Coahuila, which borders on the United States, government officials said. continue reading »

In the Last Four Years 80,000 Migrants Kidnapped and Killed in Mexico

"The country is currently experiencing the worst historical humanitarian crisis with regards to migration." With these words His Exc. Raúl Vera, Bishop of Saltillo, in the Forum entitled "Budget Law on Human Rights and Migration, Findings and Challenges " organized by the Mexican Senate. This meeting was attended by legislators, representatives of organizations that defend human rights, religious and social groups. continue reading »

Mexico’s Strategy to Protect Migrants Fails to Have Impact

The Mexican government’s strategy on migrants has so far failed to tackle the alarming numbers of Central American migrants being kidnapped regularly in the country, Amnesty International said a year after the plan was first launched. continue reading »

Assaults & Threats Against Migrant Defenders in Mexico on the Rise

According to the report by the Mexican Episcopal Conference (MEC), in recent years aggressions, threats and harassment against defenders of migrants in Mexico have increased. Since 2004, 62 accidents have been recorded. In the "Report on the situation of the defenders of migrants in Mexico", states that from 2004 to 2009 only 18 incidents were recorded, while in 2010 alone 29 and another 15 were recorded between January and June 2011. continue reading »

Catholic Church & Human Right Groups in Mexico Propose “Humanitarian Visas” for Central American

The Diocese of Saltillo, the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Centre for Human Rights, the Rafto Foundation (Norway) and the Pastoral Care Commission for Human Mobility of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, continue reading »

Guatemala President Urges Mexico’s Aide For Those Headed to US

The President of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom is suggesting that Mexico issue temporary immigration permits to Central Americans crossing Mexico to reach the US. This is an effort to provide safer passage to the immigrants who often fall prey to organized crime. continue reading »

Texas Pastor Charged with Selling Fake Identification to Immigrants

A San Antonio minister and an associate are accused of selling fake identification documents including green cards and social security cards to illegal immigrants. continue reading »

Families of Kidnapped Migrants Receiving Ransom Calls–MX Gov Begrudgingly Investigates (VIDEO)

Another confirmation of the alleged kidnapping of 50 Central American migrants from Mexico has occurred, when family members of the missing received a ransom request. continue reading »