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Tag Results for "Migrant Workers"

Children of the Harvest - Dateline NBC (VIDEO)-Part one

For thousands of children in America, summer means hard labor in the hot sun. continue reading »

An Open Letter to the President from Hispanic Farmers

The following is a letter from Hispanic Farmers & Ranchers Inc. and Minority Agricultural Producers to President Obama: Sir, As you address La Raza, Hispanics and Hispanic farmers and ranchers are paying attention to how rhetoric relates to reality. Here is our reality: continue reading »

Obama Administration and Farm Bureau tout ‘comprehensive’ Immigration Reform

Agriculture labor requirements and the threat of higher food prices and rising imports took center stage when Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack pushed immigration reform during a Wednesday morning press conference. continue reading »

Migrant Workers in Canada Suffer From Poor Health

Two new research papers have revealed that migrants working in Canada often develop health problems as a result of their grueling jobs, and unfit housing. continue reading »

Farmers Worry About Proposed Immigration Legislation

Farmers fear that if Georgia’s proposed immigration legislation comes into effect it will not only cost them time and money- it will put them out of business. continue reading »

Not as Many Migrant Workers Coming to Work in U.S. as Mexico’s Economy Improves

As the U.S. economy slowly creeps out of a recession, many who migrated to the states in search of work are now seeing there could be better opportunities back in Mexico. continue reading »

Hard Work, Tough Lessons

In light of the rampant xenophobia in this country, I reflect on the lessons that I learned as a tween day laborer many years ago. Working alongside Latino immigrant men during a hot summer in Malibu, I learned firsthand the trials and tribulations of manual labor. continue reading »