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Tag Results for "Michoacan"

Police Find 3 Bodies in Western Mexico

The bodies of three men, including a minor, were found in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, prosecutors told Efe Wednesday. The three victims, who were presumably killed "with shots from firearms," were found Tuesday night in a field in La Higuera Panda, a town outside the city of Chinicuila, a Michoacan Attorney General's Office spokesman said. continue reading »

Mexican Governor Says His State is Calmer Thanks to Army

This week's deployment of Mexican army soldiers in Michoacan has brought "tranquility" to the violence-wracked western state, Gov. Jesus Reyna said Thursday. Acknowledging the state is not "100 percent" calm, the governor told MVS radio that "the results have been good." continue reading »

Mexican Students Protest Labor Law, Seize 33 Vehicles Including Coca-Cola Truck

Students in the western state of Michoacan seized 15 buses and 18 delivery trucks belonging to firms such as Coca-Cola and baking giant Bimbo as part of protests against a proposed overhaul of Mexican labor law. continue reading »

Mexico Eradicates Illegal Logging at Monarch Butterfly Reserve

Mexican authorities and peasants have stamped out illegal logging at a Monarch butterfly reserve in the mountains of the western state of Michoacan, the federal environment secretary said. continue reading »

Mexico Uncovers 1,000 Year Old Tomb in Michoacan

Archaeologists have discovered a tomb more than 1,000 years old in the western state of Michoacan, Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History, or INAH, announced. continue reading »

New Security Measures in Place After Mexican Indian Murders

An indigenous community in the western Mexican state of Michoacan has stepped up security measures in the wake of this week's kidnap-murders of two of its members by suspected mobsters, saying state authorities have broken their promise to protect them. continue reading »

Drug Traffickers Escape Mexican Prison with Help from Gunmen

A police officer was killed Thursday when gunmen attacked a lockup in the western Mexican state of Michoacan and freed two suspected drug traffickers, officials said. continue reading »

Six Cartel Gunmen Arrested with Large Collection of Firearms in Mexico

Soldiers arrested six drug-cartel enforcers and seized an arms cache in the western state of Michoacan, Mexican authorities said Friday. continue reading »

Mexican Indians Free 14 Police and 2 Government Officials Held Hostages

Fourteen police and two government officials taken prisoner by a group of Indians in the western Mexican state of Michoacan were released on Friday as talks resumed between authorities and indigenous leaders. The cops and state officials were seized early Thursday while investigating the deaths of eight people in armed clashes in Cheran, a rebel municipality in Michoacan. continue reading »

‘Templar Knights’ Strike Again!

Authorities find new narcomanta from the Templars next to a burning vehicle! continue reading »

House of Horrors in Mexico: 13 bodies, 3 Headless Ones and 4 Severed Heads Found

Mexican authorities were conducting an investigation inside a house in the state of Durango when in a pit they discovered ten complete bodies, three headless corpses and four severed heads. continue reading »

Accident Leaves 5 Mexican Soldiers Dead and 24 Others Injured

Yesterday a military truck turned over in the Mexican state of Michoacan leaving at least 5 soldiers dead and injuring 24 others. continue reading »

Mexico Offers Payment to Rural Communities that Preserve Forests and Fresh Water Supplies

This week the Environment Secretary of Mexico announced a unique program whereby rural communities would be compensated for guarding, protecting and conserving forest land that produces water. continue reading »

Major Mexican Drug Cartel Offers to Dissolve

The vicious Mexican cartel known as "La Familia" has made public a letter, where they offer to disband and turn themselves to the authorities, if the government promises to protect citizens in the state of Michoacán. continue reading »

Record Breaking Attendance to International Film Festival Despite Tensions in Mexico (BILINGUAL)

The 8th annual International Film Festival opened Saturday in the drug-ridden state of Michoacán drawing the largest crowd in its history, illustrating the interesting contrast that defines Mexico today. continue reading »