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Tag Results for "Michoacan Mexico"

Mexico Deploys 400 Additional Officers to Michoacan

An additional 400 Federal Police officers have been deployed in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, bringing to 600 the number of officers sent to the area to fight drug traffickers, airport officials said. continue reading »

Mexico’s Knights Templar Claim Responsibility for Drop in Food Prices

Mexico’s Knights Templar, or the Caballeros Templarios, allegedly claims to be the authors of a series of ‘narcomantas’ reportedly spotted in cities throughout the state of Michoacan. continue reading »

First Recorded U.S. Death from Vampire Bat Bite Kills 19-Yr-Old Migrant Farm Worker

The first recorded case of death from a vampire bat bite has occurred with the passing of a 19-year old migrant farm worker from human rabies. continue reading »

Mexican Monarch Butterfly Colonies More Than Double This Season, L-T Outlook Still Not Good

Conservationists and researchers were pleased to see the Mexican monarch butterfly colonies increase by more than 109 percent this year, covering approximately 10 acres of forest. continue reading »