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Tag Results for "Mexico"

Mayan Documentary Will Show Evidence Indians Had Contact with Aliens from Space

"Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond," a documentary produced by Raul Julia-Levi with the support of the Mexico government will provide evidence of contact with extraterrestrials. continue reading »

Cyber Bandits Attack Mexican Government Sites, Closing Down Defense Websites

At least two hacking groups –Anonymous and X-ploit- were responsible for shutting down Mexico's Public Security and Defense websites. continue reading »

“Narco-tourism” an Industry on the Rise (VIDEO)

The lives and history of some of the world’s most heartless and dangerous men have become the subject of tours in their former hometowns. continue reading »

Dalai Lama is in México for Four day Visit

The Dalai Lama, Tibets exiled spiritual leader, is on his third visit to Mexico and will participate in conferences and events accompanied by celebrities “Chespirito” and Richard Gere. continue reading »

Casey Anthony To Move to Mexico After Probation

Anthony has plans to elope in Mexico and make a new life in a large Ranch with 5 miles of beach, owned by her new California millionaire lover. continue reading »

Vogue Magazine’s “Fashion’s Night Out” Goes to México! (VIDEO)

Fashion will surely take over México on September 8, when Vogue brings its third “Fashion’s Night Out” south of the border for the first time. continue reading »

Watch Shakira’s Mexican Burro Race! (VIDEO)

Check out this hilarious video of the Colombian singer enjoying her last few days in México, on her “Sale El Sol” World Tour. continue reading »

Popocatepetl Volcano Spews Ash, Smoke South Of Mexico City

The volcano shot out four minor blasts of ash, gas and vapor reaching a half mile into the sky earlier today. A cold ash rain is expected to fall onto Mexico City overnight if wind conditions and direction remain the same. continue reading »

Relics of Pope John Paul II Begin Tour of Mexico

A vial of blood of the former pope, a wax figure to his likeness and several personal objects will be in display in different Mexican cities until December. continue reading »

Spanish Singer Alejandro Sanz has Decided to Move to México, Feels Violence Talk Exaggerated

Sanz said he’s not afraid of violence and that people tend to “exaggerate” when talking about Mexico’s current situation. continue reading »

Leader of “Pig Head” Extortion Gang Arrested in México

Federal Police in the municipality of San Vicente Chichester, State of Mexico arrested Eduardo Zúñiga Sánchez, alias El Bla Bla, the alleged leader of a gang called “The Pig Head”. continue reading »

Juárez Cartel Killer Laments Ordering Execution of Over 1,000 People in Video Confessional (VIDEO)

Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, aka “el Diego,” “Blablazo” or “15”, a former cop himself, spills the beans after being caught last Friday. continue reading »

Mexican Team Chivas de Guadalajara Beats The Best Team in The World (VIDEO)

The Mexican soccer team outplayed the best soccer team in the world 4-1 in a friendly match, Wednesday night in the city of Miami. continue reading »

21 out of 32 State General Attorney Prosecutors Quit in Mexico

The top officials of the Attorney General Offices in 21 out of the 33 states in Mexico have quit en masse! continue reading »

Charlie Sheen Rescues Ex From Xtreme Rehab in Mexico

The master winner and king of altruism went south of the border in his private jet to pick Brooke Mueller up and bring her to safety! continue reading »

Join us This and Every Sunday At HS-News Open Mic

Your backstage pass to HS-News showcase of emerging and established Latino musical talent. continue reading »

Mexican Inmate Caught Raffling 5 Star Prison Cells, Decorated by Prison Guards

An inmate in Sonora, Mexico, was caught holding sweepstakes for 3 “luxury suite” prison cells! continue reading »

DORA Labeled 4th Hurricane of the Eastern-Pacific Season, Near Accapulco

The storm is centered about 240 miles south of Acapulco, with sustained winds close to 90 mph! continue reading »

Shakira Performs for 150,000 Fans for FREE in Mérida, MX.

The Colombian singer offered a free two-hour concert in southeastern Mexico where she even covered Metallica! continue reading »

Guinness Record Breaking Lush Pot Crop Found in México in the Middle of the Dry Desert

Hidden under black netting in the middle of the desert, police found 300 acres of marijuana! continue reading »