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Tag Results for "Mexico Prisons"

Search of Mexican Prison in Tabasco Finds Drugs, Knives, Alcohol

According to Spanish-language news source El Excelsior, Mexico's federal police performed a surprise search of a Tabasco Prison a facility and found a number of alarming items. Upon searching the prison's State Center continue reading »

The War on Drugs Enters Mexico’s Prisons

The clash of gang members in a Juárez prison last week shocked Mexico and the world. Seventeen prisoners died and four were wounded in a confrontation last Tuesday night when various members of the group Los Aztecas, an armed branch of the Juárez Cartel, were fired upon when they entered the prison by members of Los Mexicles, which is part of the Pacific Cartel continue reading »

85 Prisoners Escape Mexico Border Prison (VIDEO)

Eighty-five prisoners escaped jail by climbing over the prison fence in the border city of Reynosa, across from McAllen Texas. The escaped prisoners are mainly cartel members; drawing attention to the problems Mexico faces in battling the powerful drug cartels. Police moved in and arrested 40 prison guards and staff who were working at the prison at the time of the escape. Local radio and newspapers report that two prison guards are missing. continue reading »