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Tag Results for "Mexico News"

Mexico’s President Calderon Heads Off to G-20 Meetings to Strengthen Country’s Image Abroad

Mexican President Felipe Calderón is set to travel to Cannes, France, to participate in the 6th G-20 Leaders’ Summit on November 3 and 4. continue reading »

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Kidnapped by Zeta’s, Group Threatens to Reveal Narco’s Corrupt Allies

In a one-of-kind move that is full of bravado and boldness the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ is threatening the vicious Mexican narco cartel Los Zetas. Allegedly one of the international hacker’s from “Anonymous” was kidnapped by the Zetas in Veracruz. continue reading »

Mexico’s Alarming Maternal Death Rate Amongst Indigenous Women

The celebrations for the International Day of Rural Women has just concluded, official with figures showing that in the Mexican states continue reading »

Mexican Government Hands Out 6 Millionth Energy-Saving Light Bulb (VIDEO)

Mexico's President Felipe Calderón handed out the sixth millionth energy saving light bulb as part of his administration's Sustainable Light Program. continue reading »

15-Year Mexican Teen Detained as Narco Leader and Killer of 2 Female Associates

Mexico once again has a teen-narco killer on its hands, known by the nickname of “El Gallito” or “The Little Rooster”, who is alleged to have run a drug gang and have murdered two female underlings of his. continue reading »

Latin American Clown Convention Arrives in México to Break Records and Bring Peace (VIDEO)

Mexico City is hosting more than 500 clowns from all of Latin America, who are in the city to march and to try and break the world record for the largest group of people laughing at the same time. continue reading »