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Tag Results for "Mexico News"

Journalist Jaime Guadalupe Gonzalez Killed in Northern Mexico

The editor of an online news site in northern Mexico was murdered over the weekend, the Ojinaga Noticias digital daily reported Monday. Jaime Guadalupe Gonzalez was killed Sunday afternoon by gunmen in continue reading »

MEXICO: PRI Approve Pres. Peña Nieto’s Energy and Tax Reforms

President Enrique Peña Nieto has won the approval of the assembly of his governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, to move forward with energy and tax reforms. continue reading »

Remittances to Mexico Dropped in January

Mexico received $1.47 billion in remittances in January, down 2.3 percent from the same month in 2012, the country's central bank said Friday. The median amount per remittance in the fi continue reading »

Gun Battle in Coahuila, Mexico Leaves 4 Gunmen Dead

In Latin America news, a gun battle between the Mexican army and armed gunmen in Coahuila, Mexico resulted in four dead gunmen. The soldiers were fired upon continue reading »

Scientists Will be Able to Explore Gulf of Mexico With Robot Sub

A new robot submarine equipped with a video camera will allow Mexican National Fishing Institute, or Inapesca, researchers to learn more about the Gulf state of Campeche's continue reading »

Catholic “Flashmob” to Descend on Mexico City

On Saturday 9th March, a group of young Catholics as a "flashmob" will get on the underground in Mexico City to bring the message of Christ to thousands of people who every day use this means of transport. continue reading »

Mexico’s Missing Persons Database Contains Over 26,000 Names

The government has a database listing the names of 26,121 people who have not been located or are missing in Mexico, Deputy Government Secretary for Judicial Affairs and Human Rights Lia Limon said. continue reading »

Mexico’s Powerful Teacher’s Union Leader Arrested for Possible $204M Theft

In Mexico news, one of Mexico's most powerful union leaders, Elba Esther Gordillo was arrested at the Toluca airport on suspicion that she siphoned over $200 million of teachers union funds for personal use. continue reading »

Mexican Government Identifies New Narco Cartels Working in Country

Mexico’s National Security Cabinet revealed the emergence of new drug trafficking organizations that have formed after splintering from pre-existing cartels, groups that have taken root in the central and north of Mexico. continue reading »

‘National Gendarmerie’ Mexico’s New Police Force Starts Operating End of Year

Mexico is launching its new national police force later this year with 10,000 officers in what will be called the National Gendarmerie. continue reading »

Police Shootout in Coahuila Leaves 4 Dead

In Mexico news, authorities are reporting police engaged gunmen after being fired on in Coahuila, Mexico. The gun battle left four of the gunmen dead, it is suspected they are escaped prisoners continue reading »

Armed Men Kidnap Italian Businessman in Central Mexico

In Mexico news, Mexican authorities in the town of Amecameca are reporting the kidnapping of an Italian businessman by armed gunmen last Saturday while he was dining. continue reading »

Mexico Slaughters 2.1 Million Chickens Exposed to Bird Flu

In Latin America news Mexico authorities have slaughtered over 2 million chickens that have been exposed to the bird flu. The outbreak is contained in the state of Guanajuato continue reading »

Drastic Overhaul of Mexico’s Education System Signed in Law Today

Today in Mexico news, President Enrique Peña Nieto signed into law sweeping changes to the way the country's education system is run. The laws will mandate equality and put the government back in charge of schools. continue reading »

Mayoral Candidate Gunned Down in Mexico

In Mexico news, Mayoral candidate, David Carrasco Carnero, was shot at least five times. Carnero was running for office in Julimes a city in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. He is a PAN candidate continue reading »

NASCAR Mexico Coming to Arizona for March 1 Race

More than two dozen Mexican NASCAR drivers will make history on March 1 when they race for the first time in the United States. "It's an historic race that we're going to h continue reading »

Human Rights Watch Reports 249 Disappearances in Mexico

Human Rights Watch released a report Wednesday that documents 249 disappearances in Mexico since December 2006, when then-President Felipe Calderon launched a war on organized crime that "produced disastrous results." continue reading »

Major Traffic Accident in Mexico City Leaves 35 Injured

In Latin America news, Mexico City authorities are seeking to determine the cause of a multi-vehicle accident that resulted in 35 injured. There were three vehicles involved and all drivers are under arrest. continue reading »

STUDY:  Violence Against Women in Mexico is Continual with Female Homicides Dramatically on the Rise

A national study in Mexico is highlighting violence against women. The study highlight that violence against women is continual and that homicide against women is dramatically on the rise. continue reading »

Alleged Female Killer of Mexican General Arrives from Spain After Extradition

A woman suspected of being involved in the 2011 murder of Gen. Jorge Juarez Loera arrived in Mexico after being extradited by Spain, media reports said Tuesday. continue reading »