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Tag Results for "Mexico History"

New York Celebrating Mexican Independence Day: Lights Up Empire State Building in Flag Colors

The Empire State Building lit up in the colors of the Mexican flag on Sunday night to mark the "Grito de Dolores," the rallying cry that launched Mexico's war of independence on Sept. 16, 1810. continue reading »

Celebrating Frida Kahlo on the Anniversary of Her Death

Today marks the anniversary of the death of one of Mexico’s greatest artist Frida Kahlo. Her real name is Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderon born in Coyoacán on July 6, 1907. She died at age 47 after suffering with lifelong health problems stemming from a traffic accident in her teenage years and childhood polio. continue reading »

900-Year Old Pot Found by 7-th Grader on School Field Trip in New Mexico

A teen from the Sandia Prep in Albuquerque, New Mexico might just of stumbled upon one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in awhile. The seventh-grade group was on a field trip to Cibola County when Isabel Jerome found a 14-by-14 inch gray-black pot patterned with dashes and zigzags. continue reading »

Drought May Have Caused Collapse of Mayan Civilization

According to a study from Science Journal, the abandonment of the Mayan civilizations may have occurred as a result of a lack of rain. According to experts, Martín Medina-Elizalde and Eelco Rohling, continue reading »