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Tag Results for "Mexico Drug War"

Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Drug Violence Making Travel to Mexico Dangerous

The U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez is issuing this Emergency Message for U.S. citizens in the state of Chihuahua (“Emergency Messages” were formerly known as “Warden Messages”) continue reading »

House Committee Continues Investigation of Cartels’ Ability to Obtain U.S. Weapons

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is currently investigating how Mexico's drug cartels seem to be easily obtaining military-grade weapons from the United States. continue reading »

Police Chief in Juarez Survives Assassination Attempt

A Juarez police chief is relatively safe after an assassination attempt against him failed. Thursday, Lt. Colonel Julian Leyzaola was on patrol when in a neighborhood near downtown Juar continue reading »

Protesters in Mexico March to End Calderon’s “Badly Planned” War on Drugs

In Mexico, a protest consisting of hundreds of marchers has begun. They walk in their capital in demand of peace and an end to the violent drug war that is destroying their country from within. continue reading »

People of Mexico Feel Cartels are Winning Drug War, Says Poll

A recent poll of Mexicans revealed that many believe the cartels are winning the drug war in their country. The Demotecnia poll, released Tuesday, reported that six out of 10 Mexicans believe that drug cartels are maintaining contro continue reading »

U.S. Drones Are Helping to Fight Mexico’s Drug War

The Mexican government confirmed the use of the droids in a statement released Wednesday. Though Mexico is appreciative of the assistance, many are questioning the U.S.’s interference in a country long known for being proud of their independence. continue reading »

California’s Proposition 19 Not Supported by Mexican Government

Mexico’s President Calderon is opposed to California’s Prop 19 on legalizing Cannabis. Calderon has said he believes the legalization of marijuana is a dangerous experiment that would undermine the Us and Mexican efforts to control the powerful narco traffickers. continue reading »