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Tag Results for "Mexico Drug Violence"

American Tourism to Mexico Up More Than 5 Percent Despite Travel Warnings

It would seem many are not heeding travel warnings from U.S. officials, as Mexican tourism officials say the number of U.S. travelers to the country is up. continue reading »

5 Bodies Found in Flaming SUV Believed to be a Result of Drug Cartel Violence in Mexico

Investigators are attempting to piece together the events that led to five bodies being charred in a SUV in Arizona’s southern desert. According to reports, Border Patrol atte continue reading »

Decayed Remains Found in Juarez Just Days After 3 Other Sets of Remains Identified from Same Area

A new unit in Mexico organized to focus on female killings discovered a number of victims in the Valley of Juarez Monday. Due to extensive decay, police were unable to identify the bodies foun continue reading »

Mexico Elections Could be Filled With Drug Money

People should not rule out the possibility that drug money could play a "fundamental part" in the campaigns for Mexico's July 2012 general elections, drug expert Ricardo Ravelo said during the Guadalajara International Book Fair. continue reading »

Bringing a Little Positivity to Mexico, “Heroreports” Show the Good Occurring in Mexican Cities

As Mexico continues its war on drugs amongst powerful cartels and corrupt law enforcement officials, it can be hard for the onlookers, especially Mexican residents, to see the good in their country, but for residents of certain Mexican cities, good news is being presented in a new way. continue reading »

After the Tragedy: Monterrey Mayor’s Brother May Have Been Involved in Casino Royale Fire (VIDEO)

Just days before gunmen entered the Casino Royale in Monterrey Thursday August 25, lit the building on fire, killing 52 people, video footage shows Mayor Fernando Larrazabal’s brother shaking down the casino and leaving with wads of cash. continue reading »

Border Agents Now Being More Thorough in Checking Those Leaving the U.S., Not Just These Arriving

As the violent drug war continues south of the border, those coming in to the United States through the legal checkpoints are used to having their documentation scrutinized, continue reading »

Children Rights Group Reports 1,300 Children Killed in Mexico’s War on Drug Cartels

The Network for the Rights of Children (Redim) is reporting that approximately 3.7 percent of all persons killed in Mexico’s war on drug cartels are children. continue reading »

Mexican Government: 73 Suspects (Some Police) Charged in Connection With Mass Graves in Tamaulipas

In recent weeks, Mexican authorities had arrested 74 suspects, which included a number of police officers suspected of protecting drug gangs. Wednesday, continue reading »

Mexico Still Awaiting Promised Aid From U.S. to Battle Drug Violence

In 2008, the U.S. government agreed to provide equipment and training for Mexico to help combat the ongoing drug violence, but despite the promised help from two administrations, less than 60 percent of that help has been received. continue reading »

Mexico’s Drug Violence Has Displaced 230,000 People

As the drug war rages in Mexico, the violence continues, and according to the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, around 230,000 people have been displaced in Mexico. continue reading »

15 Dead in Mexico Car Wash Massacre

Fifteen people were killed Wednesday in Tepic Mexico at a car wash. This is the third such massacre in less than a week in Mexico. The authorities in the state of Nayarit where Tepic is located, report that a group of armed attackers arrived at the Gamboa car wash and opened fire continue reading »

Mayor in Tamaulipas Mexico killed by Drug Cartel, 4-year-old Daughter Slightly Injured

Sunday gunmen of the drug cartel killed the mayor of a small town in Tamaulipas. Marco Antonio Leal was driving through the countryside when gunman, shot, and killed the mayor, slightly wounding his 4-year-old daughter. continue reading »