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Tag Results for "Mexico City"

Watch Paul McCartney in Mexico City Concert Performing with Mariachis

A crowd of over 200,000 people saw Sir Paul McCartney perform at the Zocalo of Mexico City this past weekend. The former Beatle took the stage a little after 9 p.m. in a red jacket and pink shirt. continue reading »

H&M begins its Latin American Expansion in Mexico

H&M, the national retail-company, is taking its first steps towards expansion in Latin America by opening its first location in Mexico City's Centro Santa Fe mall. continue reading »

H&M begins its Latin American Expansion in Mexico

H&M, the national retail-company, is taking its first steps towards expansion in Latin America by opening its first location in Mexico City's Centro Santa Fe mall. continue reading »

Tungurahua Erupts Launching Gravel to Nearby Town

Over the weekend, the Tungurahua's volcanic eruption had a strong explosion that caused gravel to fall down in the nearby town of Pillate, Ecuador. continue reading »

Thousands Demand Food, Jobs in Mexico City

Thousands of peasants, workers, university students and unemployed people took to the streets of Mexico City to demand that the government provide more resources to farmers, guarantee the provision of food and boost job creation. The protesters also called for economic and political changes to improve Mexicans' lives, as well as for action to fight crime. continue reading »

Britney Spears In Negotiations for Free Christmas Show in Mexico City

Britney Spears reps are negotiating extending the singer’s December Mexico tour days one day for a free Christmas show in Mexico City organized by the government. continue reading »

Aztec Temple Platform Found in Mexico City (VIDEO)

The discovery of an Aztec ceremonial platform during remodeling work around Downtown México city’s Templo Mayor ruins, could lead experts to the unearthing of a royal tomb in the Templo Mayor area continue reading »

Mexico City Passes Building Safety Laws, 26 Years After Massive Earthquake

Between observance of the 26th anniversary of the September 1985 earthquake in Mexico City and Mexico’s hosting of the global celebration yesterday of the 2011 World Habitat Day under the theme Cities and Climate Change, continue reading »

Mexican Female Journalists Found Murdered, Bodies Dumped in a Mexico City Park

The bodies of Marcela Yarce, a reporter for “Contralínea” and Rocío González, who worked for Televisa, were found abandoned in a garden. continue reading »

Popocatepetl Volcano Spews Ash, Smoke South Of Mexico City

The volcano shot out four minor blasts of ash, gas and vapor reaching a half mile into the sky earlier today. A cold ash rain is expected to fall onto Mexico City overnight if wind conditions and direction remain the same. continue reading »

Another Mass Grave Found Near Mexico City, Contains Bodies of Missing Police Officials

An anonymous letter led Mexican authorities to a mass grave in the State of Mexico in the municipality of Zinacantepec near Mexico City. Thus far the police have recovered five bodies but they are expecting to find up to 23 or more. continue reading »

Relics of Pope John Paul II Begin Tour of Mexico

A vial of blood of the former pope, a wax figure to his likeness and several personal objects will be in display in different Mexican cities until December. continue reading »

Justin Bieber’s Mexico Concert Tickets Sell Out in 2 Hrs, While Fans Attack His Opening Act(VIDEO)

Justin Bieber is scheduled to perform for the first time in Monterrey, Mexico so it was no surprise when tickets sold out in two hours for his September 30th performance at the Arena Monterrey. continue reading »

Mexico Awaits Millions of Tourists for Religious Tourism

The Vatican will have the full support of the Mexican authorities for the realization of the VII World Congress on the Pastoral Care of Tourism to be held from April 23 to 27, 2012, assured the Ambassador of Mexico t continue reading »

México City, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Madrid in Facebook’s Top 10

Despite 20% of the total number of Facebook users being American, it is in the Hispanic world where the most Facebookers are found. continue reading »

Popocatepetl Volcano in México Spews Two Mile-Long Cloud of Ash

The Popocatepetl volcano over Mexico City is once again active. The Popocatepetl, a gigantic 17,886-foot mountain that towers over Mexico City, shot a monumental cloud of ash about 2 miles over its crater Friday morning. continue reading »

Mexico Suffering Under Severe Heat with Over 11 States Seeing 100 Degree Plus Weather

Mexican residents throughout most of the country are being warned to stay indoors during the day, wear hats outdoors and drink lots of water in light of extreme heat temperatures. continue reading »

Body Parts Scattered Near Mexican Presidential Residence – Los Pinos

The up-scale neighborhood in Mexico City, home to museums and Los Pinos, has come face-to-face with the gruesome face of violence in Mexico. continue reading »

Mexican Lime Farmers Fight to Keep Business Going Despite Cartel Interference

Though the most devastating effect of the drug war in Mexico has been the loss of so many lives, there are many other related issues that plague the region. continue reading »

Accident Leaves 5 Mexican Soldiers Dead and 24 Others Injured

Yesterday a military truck turned over in the Mexican state of Michoacan leaving at least 5 soldiers dead and injuring 24 others. continue reading »