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Tag Results for "Mexican Prisons"

Mexican Prison Outbreak in Guerrero Leaves 2 Guards Dead

Two guards were killed by gunmen who assisted nine inmates in escaping from a prison in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero over the weekend, officials said. continue reading »

5 Prisoners Arrive in Mexican Jail, 24-Hrs Later All Dead from Violence and Suicide

Four new prisoners arrive on Saturday at Taumaulipas, Mexico prison, less than 24-hours later four of them are killed in prison fight and fifth inmate, a female, kills herself in cell. continue reading »

60% of Mexican Prisons Under Gang Control: Report

After the release of a report from Mexico’s National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) regarding prisons there is little wonder how so many have been able to escape Mexico’s prisons in recent years. continue reading »

Guards Foil Attempted Prison Escape in Mexico

Police and guards foiled an attempt by inmates to escape from a prison in Culiacan, the capital of the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, over the weekend, state officials said, adding that a police officer was wounded in the incident. continue reading »

Botched Suitcase Houdini Act for Mexican Prisoner!

Juan Ramírez was caught as he tried to escape jail inside his conjugal visitor’s suitcase. continue reading »

Drug Cartels Set Up Self-Rule in Mexican Prisons, and Continue Business as Usual

Prison Observers in Mexico say that drug cartels populations are increasing as the cartels seize more control internally and set up “self–rule.” continue reading »