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Tag Results for "Mexican News"

Mormon Church Expands Hispanic Outreach- Their Fastest Growing Group of Converts

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) is one of the most active modern practitioners of missionary work, with over fifty thousand full-time missionaries worldwide, as of the end of 2009. continue reading »

Judge Orders Woman Adopted from Mexico at 5 Months Old to be Deported

This week a federal immigration judge has ordered a 38 year old woman who was adopted from a Mexican orphanage by US citizens at 5 months old to be deported back to Mexico. continue reading »

STUDY:  Only One-in-Four Mexican Youth Uses Condoms

A study by the Mexican Youth Institute has found that only one out of every Mexican youth uses condoms. The number one reason was lack of use – they don’t like it. continue reading »

U.S. Officials Meet with 14-Year Old Mexican Assassin; Two Sisters also Drug Cartel Members

U.S. Embassy officials in Mexico met with the 14-year alleged assassin in prison to assure his safety and inform him of his rights in a foreign country, should he indeed be a U.S. citizen. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Mexican Preschool Torched While Standing up to Extortion

The Constitucion preschool located in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico learned the hard way not to mess with criminal extortionists. Yesterday the kindergarten continue reading »

14-year Mexican Assassin is Actually American; To be Tried as Juvenile

‘El Ponchis’ the 14-year old alleged drug cartel hit man will be tried as a juvenile according to Mexican officials. Yesterday a judge in Morelos, continue reading »

Mexico’s Population Boom Thanks to Migrants Staying Home

Mexico’s National Institute for Statistics and Geography, the equvalient of our U.S. Census Department, show an unexpected increase in Mexico’s population. continue reading »

Overnight in Mexico:  Two Mexican Drug Rehab Centers Target of Attacks

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico was once again the target of a bloody weekend when two drug rehabilitation centers were attacked leaving four dead. continue reading »

Playboy Opens Mexican Casino (VIDEO)

Playboy has opened its first Casino in Mexico at the Beach Resort town of Cancun. Although 1500 Applicants applied- only 25 were selected to be Playboy bunnies and work as card dealers, waitresses and hostesses. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Four Policeman Gunned Down in Ciudad Juarez

An armed commando ambushed four members of the Municipal Police in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Saturday.Roman Hernandez Montes, Eloy Gutierrez Guadalupe Mejía, Andrés Gutiérrez Lucero, and Hernández Martha Vein are reported as killed while another officer was in the hospital listed under “serious condition.” continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: MX Judge Acquits the Queen of the Pacific- But US Awaits Extradition (VIDEO)

Sandra Avila Beltran, alias "the Queen of the Pacific," allegedly Mexico's most famous woman drug trafficker, was acquitted of drug trafficking charges Friday by a federal judge in Mexico City due to a lack of evidence. continue reading »

Emergency Injunction Sought in Federal Court to Stop Harassment of Hispanic Church in Burbank, Il

New Court Filing Charges that Burbank Leadership is Violating Religious Rights of Rios de Agua Viva Congregation. Friday, the Chicago church Rios de Agua Viva filed a Federal law suit charging violations of their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, along with Federal and Illinois state religious land use rights. The suit was filed in the United States District Court in Chicago. continue reading »

Why Russia and Qatar were World Cup Winners

On Thursday, 22 secret ballots in Zurich chose Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) to host the World Cup Games. With a sense of being heir apparent, America and England were extremely disappointed as they showed all the reasons they were the best venues. England has been the home of the worlds most popular and financially continue reading »

Endangered Mexican Tarantulas Mailed LIVE to U.S. – Valued at $300,000

U.S. Agents from the Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Postal Inspection agents have just concluded ‘Operation Spiderman’ by busting tarantula-smuggler Sven Koppler. continue reading »

WikiLeaks on Mexico:  Mexicans Paying High Price for Drug War and U.S. not Confident it Can be Won

WikiLeaks has released more cables as they relate to Mexico and its ongoing drug war. The cables show the U.S. not as positive that Mexico is winning its war agisnt the cartels and lays the blame for this on the country’s ineptitude, corruption, weak judicial and the enormity of the problem. I continue reading »

14-Year Old Mexican Assassin Captured While Fleeing to U.S.

The Mexican government is announcing the capture of a 14-year old unidentified assassin that is alleged to have murdered four victims via decapitation while working for a drug cartel. Other reports set the killers age at 12. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: “The Professor” of the Zeta Cartel arrested in Hidalgo (VIDEO)

Eduardo Ramírez Valencia, alias “The Professor” was arrested on Wednesday along with an alleged accomplice. Fedds hope this arrest will cripple the Zetas in Hidalgo - about 100 miles north of Mexico City. continue reading »

Mexicans Sent $17.88 billion Home thus Far This Year, Down by 1.34%

The cash remittances that were sent my Mexican nationals or expats totaled $17.88 billion through the end of October, banking officials are reporting. This amount reflects a decrease continue reading »

US Citizen Found Among 20 Bodies Buried in Mass Tomb in Chihuahua

20 bodies were found buried in a Chihuahua Narco-Tomb near a resort in Chihuahua. continue reading »

Another Woman Police Commander Executed in Sinaloa

Another woman police commander was murdered, the second victim in today; a few hours ago, a Chihuahua officer died after being gunned down. Now, Maria Dolores Guzman joins the list of assassinated officials. continue reading »