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Tag Results for "Mexican Movies"

Mexican Filmmaker to make part 2 of Mexico Blockbuster - “A Day Without a Mexican”

Mexican director Sergio Arau and his wife, actress Yareli Arismendi, are working on a sequel to the film "A Day Without a Mexican" to keep the subject of immigrants in the public eye. "It's going to be called 'Another Day Without Mexicans,' and of course we're a little scared because 'Part 2' of anything is rarely good, but we think we have to keep the public focused continue reading »

Mexico’s First 3D Animated Film ‘El Gran Milagro’ Debuts in Select US Cities Dec. 9

Movie directed by creative talent behind Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo; Film wins Best Indie Score of 2011 by Hollywood Music in Media Awards continue reading »

Alfonso Herrera Turns to Acting in “El Diez”

Former RBD lead singer Alfonso Herrera will play the soccer player at the center de "El Diez" (The Ten), the first original scripted series on Spanish-language sports cable network ESPN Deportes. continue reading »