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Tag Results for "Mexican Military"

Hacker Group Anonymous Attacks Mexico’s Military Web Sites

The Anonymous group of activist hackers took responsibility for attacks on the Web sites of Mexico's defense and navy departments. continue reading »

High Ranking Mexican Generals to be Indicted for Racketeering, Drug Charges

Retired Gen. Tomas Angeles Dauahare and five other high-ranking Mexican military officers are to be arraigned this week on drug and racketeering charges. continue reading »

U.N. to Hear First Cast Against Mexican Military for Alleged Torture

Three non-governmental organizations said they have brought a case of illegal arrest and torture against Mexico before the United Nations' Committee Against Torture. continue reading »

Déjà vu: Mexican Military Invades U.S. AGAIN This Time with Helicopter (VIDEO)

On the heels of 33 Mexican soldiers and 4 humvees ‘inadvertently’ crossing in the U.S. another ‘invasion’ incident has occurred over the weekend. This time a Mexican military helicopter landed at the Laredo, Texas international airport instead of the Nuevo Laredo, Mexico – a sixteen-mile mistake. continue reading »

After More Than Two Decades, Mexico’s Army Once Again Allowing Women to Be Paratroopers

For the first time in 22 years, women in the Mexican Army are being trained as paratroopers. In 1989, the army suspended training for female paratroopers, not specifying the reason(s). But for 71 women among the 270 recruits, that training is open to them once more. continue reading »

33 Mexican Soldiers & 4 Humvees ‘Inadvertently’ Cross into U.S. via Texas Border Bridge

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency are reporting that they are processing 33 Mexican soldiers for deportation because inexplicably they entered the U.S. via the Donna-Rio Bravo Bridge driving four military humvees. continue reading »

Mexican Soldiers Implicated in Another Killing of Innocent Bystanders, This Time an American

In at least the third case this year, Mexican soldiers have been implicated in killing an innocent bystander; this time it was a 32-year old New York native. Joseph Proctor was living a quiet living in a beach town outside of Acapulco, when he was gunned down by a Mexican army patrol. continue reading »