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Tag Results for "Mexican Kitchen"

Choripan Hot Dog with Chimichurri Sauce

Choripan is a traditional Argentinean appetizer or snack consisting of grilled chorizo on bread topped with chimichurri sauce. This flavorful chorizo sandwich, also called chori for short, continue reading »

Not as Sour as You Think:  Guayaba Limeade

When you think of limes you think sour not so with this sweetened "limeade" drink recipes. You mix guayaba juice lime juice and lime zest and just enough sugar to sweeten it all. continue reading »

Wooden Molinillo

This hand-carved Molinillo from Mexico will create the warm and chocolaty beverage you've been looking for. Simply twist the wooden Molinillo between the palms of your hands while placed in a pot of hot chocolate, pour the frothy cocoa into your favorite mug and enjoy. continue reading »

Tacos de Jicama

This easy to make taco recipe is full of vitamin C and low in calories according to Tortilla Republic, when you add jicama. The Mexican taco is a favorite when mixed up with interesting ingredients like jicama and chipotle aioli. continue reading »