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Tag Results for "Mexican Cooking"

Masa Spreader

Tamale masa spreader- latin kitchen continue reading »

Rodillo de Madera - Rolling Pin

Rodillo de Madera Grande / Wooden Rolling Pin continue reading »

Tostonera - (Plantain Press)

Bamboo Plantain Press Tostonera, Tostonera for pressing plantains or dough continue reading »

Huarache Press - Cast Iron

The Huarache press makes making Huaraches a lot easier and with a out a mess. Huarache is a popular Mexican dish consisting of an oblong, fried masa base, with a variety of toppings. continue reading »

Terra Cotta Flan Dishes

The ideal single-serving size for an authentic Spanish Flan. They also make a great presentation for serving yogurt at brunch! continue reading »

Lemon/Lime Squeezer

The ideal tool for squeezing and juicing any citrus fruit continue reading »

Tamale Steamer

This 15.5 Quart pot is constructed of low carbon steel with glass coating and is perfect for cooking tamales and menudoes. Comes with steamer insert. continue reading »

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Made entirely out of cast iron, the quality of the tortilla press is impeccably durable, as well as delivering a completely flattened tortilla with every press. continue reading »

Churro Maker

Easy to clean, Hand-operated churrera. Make your Churros fresh for your Spanish style cocoa. continue reading »

Metate y Mano

A large tool usually made of stone or lava rock. It consists of a large stone surface, slightly concave, sitting on 3 short legs. It is usually about the size of a large, rectangular platter. There is a large cylinder of stone that is rolled on the surface to grind or mix the items placed on it. continue reading »

Lime Tequila Sauce

Get out your favorite tequila to prepare this easy to make lime tequila sauce to add to bread pudding or just about anything you can think of and of course when talking about tequila don't forget the squeezed limes. continue reading »

US Immigrant Restaurateurs Share Dishes of Mexican State

Los Angeles is home to people from many countries who share their culture, and their food, with their neighbors. We talk with a family with roots in southern Mexico that is preserving and teaching others about their culinary traditions. continue reading »


This cookie is traditional in Taos, New Mexico continue reading »

Empanada Recipe

This is a fairly quick and easy recipe for empanadas. Just about any kind of fruit, including melon, is fine. Or make the meat filling by using your favorite type of meat. Make one of the fillings or double the dough and make both! continue reading »