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Tag Results for "Mexican Cartels"

Mexican Authorities Find 2 Bodies Hanging from Monterrey Bridge

Mexican authorities found the bodies of two men hanging from a footbridge that spans an avenue in the industrial city of Monterrey, capital of the northern state of Nuevo Leon, officials told Efe. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Mexican Cartels (Sinaloa vs Los Zetas)

Currently, the Sinaloa and Los Zetas Cartels are in a war, forcing other cartels to take sides and new alliances are forming. Unfortunately, 60,000 people have died since President Calderón (PAN) declared war on drug traffickers in 2006. Hispanically Speaking News does a side-by-side comparison of Mexico's most ruthless cartels, Sinaloa and Los Zetas. continue reading »

Violence in Eastern Mexico Continues, 6 Die in Drug-related Violence

At least six people died in drug-related violence in the Mexican Gulf state of Veracruz, officials said. The killings occurred between Friday and Saturday in the cities of Veracruz, Martinez de la Torre and Tres Valles. continue reading »

Los Zetas Leader Known as “The Czar of Piracy” Arrested in Mexico

A member of Mexico's Los Zetas drug cartel suspected of running piracy operations for the criminal organization was arrested earlier this week, the Defense Secretariat said Thursday. continue reading »

Chevy Tahoe Stuffed with 1,000 Pounds of Marijuana Found, Narcos Jump in Rio Grande Fleeing

More than 1,000 pounds of marijuana were seized Saturday in Escobares, Texas, by agents assigned to the Rio Grande City Station. The agents were working near the river when they saw several people continue reading »

Who’s To Blame for Drug War Violence in Mexico?

Earlier this month, a series of videos surfaced on the Web showing an interview between Mexico’s federal police and their biggest catch in months, Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez. The 33-year-old Acosta, nicknamed “El Diego,” is believed to be the leader of La Linea, a group of assassins contracted by the Juárez drug cartel. continue reading »

5 killed, a Dozen Injured in Guatemala City Molotov Cocktail Attack

Five people have died and a dozen others injured as a result of a fire inside a Guatemalan bus that police says may have been caused by an attack with a home made explosive device, like a molotov cocktail. continue reading »

Bandits Arrested in Yesterday’s Gun Battle in Morelia Connect “El Ponchis” to 3 More Murders (VIDEO)

Three gunmen from the South Pacific drug cartel, the same outfit that allegedly employed 14-year-old Edgar Jimenez Lugo have implicated "El Ponchis" in the murders of three more men. Once arrested, they lead officers to the bodies, buried in clandestine graves near a highway south of the capital. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Police in Morelia, Mexico Hunt Down “La Familia” Cartel Leaders (VIDEO)

The Mexican Federal Police have begun an operative to hunt down the top leaders of the terrorist drug cartel known as "La Familia" in Morelia, western Mexico. continue reading »