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Tag Results for "Mayor Of Chicago"

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the Results of the Teachers Strike (VIDEO)

Following the Chicago Teachers Union strike, Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a video reflecting on the changes and status of the new contract. continue reading »

Mayor Rahm Emanual Appoints a Number of Latino Aldermen for City Council Leadership Positions

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s first City Council meeting was held Wednesday, May 18, 2011. Mayor Emanuel announced the appointments of several Latino Aldermen chosen for leadership positions in the City Council. continue reading »

Chicago’s New Mayor, Rahm Emanuel: Chicago Is Ready For Change

Monday morning, Rahm Emanuel, Chicago's new mayor, gave his inaugural address. Below are excerpts from the morning's speech. Honored guests, Mr. Vice President, continue reading »

Rahm Emanuel Steps Down With a Tearful Good-bye

President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel stepped down Friday with praise from the president who called Emanuel “an incomparable leader” and said he would be missed by colleagues on this “bittersweet day here at the White House.” continue reading »