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Tag Results for "Mayan Civilization"

Mexican Archaeologist to Map Ancient Mayan City of Chactun

Specialists are developing a map of archaeological sites in a little-known Mayan region in Mexico's Campeche state, where an ancient city now known as Chactun was discovered this year, the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, said. continue reading »

How Ancient Mayans Survived in Drought Conditions

Although in today’s modern world more than half of the United States is struggling to survive in a drought more severe than any other since 1956, it is surprising to consider that ancient civilizations such as the Mayans faced similar drought conditions with success. continue reading »

Researchers Uncover Largest Ancient Maya Dam in Guatemala

Archaeologists from the University of Cincinnati have recently uncovered the largest ancient dam in Central America measuring 260 feet in length and 33 feet high. continue reading »

Maya 2012 Exhibit at Penn Museum to be Inaugurated by Honduran President Sosa

Did the Maya believe the world would end in December 2012? continue reading »

Drought May Have Caused Collapse of Mayan Civilization

According to a study from Science Journal, the abandonment of the Mayan civilizations may have occurred as a result of a lack of rain. According to experts, Martín Medina-Elizalde and Eelco Rohling, continue reading »