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Tag Results for "Mass Graves In Mexico"

Another Mass Grave Found in Durgano, Mexico - 280 Bodies Found in Area Since April

Army troops found 10 bodies in a mass grave in Durango, the capital of the like-named northern Mexican state, raising to 280 the number of bodies discovered in clandestine continue reading »

Another Mass Grave Found Near Mexico City, Contains Bodies of Missing Police Officials

An anonymous letter led Mexican authorities to a mass grave in the State of Mexico in the municipality of Zinacantepec near Mexico City. Thus far the police have recovered five bodies but they are expecting to find up to 23 or more. continue reading »

Mexico May Have Mass Grave Record After Another Found in Durango

In the last month, officials in Durango, Mexico have been to the sites of a number of mass graves, adding another on Tuesday. In total, 180 bodies have been found in the colonial town. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS:  16 Mexican Police Officers Arrested in Mass-Grave Killings

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office is reporting that it has arrested 16 municipal police officers from San Fernando Tamaulipas in connection with the slew of mass graves they have been finding since last week, with approximately 126 bodies – other reports put the victim count at 140. continue reading »

More Mass Graves Found in Mexico, 88 Bodies Now Recovered from Same Area

Over the weekend Mexican authorities from the state of Tamaulipas uncovered four new mass graves in an area they had been investigating since last week. continue reading »

Mass Grave Uncovered in Mexico, 17 Bodies Found Thus Far

Mexican authorities have uncovered what appears to be a mass grave site with two graves in the town of San Miguel Totolapan, located in the southern state of Guerrero. continue reading »