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Tag Results for "Marisol Valles Garcia"

Former Juárez Police Chief Seeks Political Asylum in the US (VIDEO)

Marisol Valles Garcia was forced to flee her country due to continuous threats, she says from the safety of the United States “My country is so close, but so far away”. continue reading »

CNN’S Most Intriguing People of 2010 include 20-Year Mexican Police Chief Marisol Garcia

CNN has just announced the result of its “Most Intriguing Person” poll and the top ten includes 20-year old Mexican police chief Marisol Valles Garcia in the 5th spot followed by Edison Pena one of the thirty-three Chilean miners. continue reading »

UPDATE: Mexico Town’s Lone Officer, Erika Gándara, 28, is Now Missing

After becoming the only police officer in the village of Guadalupe in northern Mexico this summer, 28-year-old Erika Gándara has gone missing. Late last week, Gándara was taken from her home, and a dozen gunmen burned her house down continue reading »

Mexican Town Has Just One Police Officer Left and Its a WOMAN

In a Mexican town of around 9,000, one police officer stands alone. Erika Gándara, 28, is now the sole officer in the town of Guadalupe. This Juarez Valley town has been riddled with violence, and with her semi-automatic weapon, an AR-15, and her bullet-proof vest, she is the town’s only protection. continue reading »