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Tag Results for "Major League Baseball"

Yadier Molina Helps World Champ Cardinals End Losing Streak

With Albert Pujols no longer with the defending World Series Champs, St. Louis Cardinals, Yadier Molina, known as ‘Yadi’ needed to step up and become the leader of the team. He did just that Tuesday night when the team faced the Chicago Cubs. continue reading »

Major League Baseball’s Foreign Players Reaches 3rd Highest Level, Dominican Players are Majority

The percentage of baseball players in the Major Leagues born outside of the United States rose to its third highest level. Out of 856 players, 243 were born outside of the U.S. Kansas City is the team with the most foreign born players. They list 13 players, while Colorado and the New York Yankees both have twelve players. The minor leagues show a 46.47% of foreign players which is a decrease from the beginning of last season. continue reading »

Did Alex Rodriguez Participate in Illegal Poker Playing? MLB Said to be Investigating

The USA Today and other sources are reporting that New York Yankee and baseball great Alex Rodriguez is being investigated for partaking in illegal poker games. continue reading »

Latino Athletes Have the Talent, So Where are the Endorsement Deals?

Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez is one of the sport’s most recognizable figures on one of the most famous teams, yet even as he makes millions of dollars playing, the endorsement deals just aren’t as lucrative as non-Latino players continue reading »

MLB Teams Pays Multi-Million Dollar Signing Bonuses to Several 16-Year Old Dominican Players

Major League baseball teams have recently given several Dominican Republic teenagers multi-million dollar signing bonuses and multi-million dollar playing contracts during the first days of the international signing period. continue reading »

Lied-to Latino Sues MLB for $12 Million After Being Promised Security Position but Made Chauffeur

William Diaz is claiming that Major League Baseball (MLB) is anti-Latino after he was hired under a phony job title and paid less than what was agreed upon, all in an attempt “to create the appearance that it continue reading »

L.A. Dodgers File for Bankruptcy in Delaware Court, “Los Doyers” in Trouble

The Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday in a Delaware court with owner Frank McCourt citing interference from Major League Baseball’s (MLB) commissioner Bud Selig as the main reason for the club’s failure. continue reading »

Latino Leaders Urge Baseball Commissioner Selig to Focus Attention on Baseball, Not Dodgers Owner

A growing number of Latino organizations are speaking out in support of embattled Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, arguing that McCourt and the Dodgers have done more for the Latino community continue reading »

Most Major League Baseball Born Outside of U.S. are Dominican

As the 2011 Major League Baseball season gets underway beside high ticket prices you can be assured of one other thing: the majority of baseball players born outside of the U.S. are from the Dominican Republic. continue reading »

Mis Años con los Yankees de Joe Torre y Tom Verducci