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Tag Results for "Machete"

Alexa Vega is Not a [Spy] Kid Anymore - Latina Steps Out as ‘Machete Kilsl’ Character KillJoy

Woah, Alexa Vega is all grown up. The 23-year-old Latina may be going through a divorce from Sean Covel at the moment, but that doesn't mean she's sitting around moping. continue reading »

Danny Trejo Likely to Reprise Role of Hacking-Hero in Sequel ‘Machete Kills’

Famed director Robert Rodriguez looks to be getting ready to shoot the sequel to 2009’s Machete, which starred David Trejo in the title role. continue reading »

Robert Rodriguez and Guillermo del Toro at Comic-Con 2011

Directors Robert Rodriguez and Guillermo del Toro were in attendance at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego talking trash, promoting new projects and just being goofy. continue reading »

FX’s Sons of Anarchy to Feature Danny Trejo

The FX TV series Sons of Anarchy that has been on the air since 2008 has just added Mexican-American actor Danny Trejo to the line up. Trejo will play a Mexican (what else) military commando by the name of Romeo Parada who joins the Sons of Anarchy group. The show’s fourth season will premiere in early September. continue reading »

Charlie Sheen Embraces His Latino Blood, Wields Machete Like a Conquistador

For decades Latin leaders and Latin laborers have enjoyed the use of the machete, and now none other than Charlie Sheen, also known as Carlos Irwin Estévez is brandishing the weapon of choice of his winning pueblo. continue reading »

National Hispanic Media Coalition to Honor Director Robert Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, and Others

The stars will be exceptionally bright in Beverly Hills on Friday, February 25th when the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) presents its 14th Annual Impact Awards Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. continue reading »

We Never Thought We’d be Saying This, but Isn’t Machete Kind of Cute? (VIDEO)

Watch a whole new side to Machete, and remember. Wash your hands. Only claymation can make Danny Trejo kinda cute. continue reading »

The Texas Film Commission:  Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete” Makes Texans Look Bad

In a letter released Wednesday by a spokesperson for Governor Rick Perry, the Texas Film Commission quoted part of a state law that states that requests for film incentives can be denied “because of inappropriate content or content that portrays Texas or Texans in a negative fashion.” continue reading »