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Tag Results for "Luchalibre"

Lucha Libre: In California, Lucha Libre Wrestlers Take on The Border Patrol (VIDEO)

In a California lucha libre-style wrestling match, Blue Demon Jr., a self-proclaimed defender of Mexican immigrants, does battle against wrestlers who portray United States border patrol agents. continue reading »

“For Italians, Opera Exists for Mexicans, its Lucha Libre ” Tales Of Masked Men on PBS

Tales of Masked Men, a new documentary about the colorful, fascinating and mysterious world of Lucha Libre, premieres on Public Broadcasting PBS. Filmed in Mexico and the United States and loade continue reading »

Lucha Libre: Tales of Masked Men to Open New Season of “VOCES” ON Friday September 28, 2012

Tales of Masked Men, a new documentary about the colorful, fascinating and mysterious world of lucha libre — Mexican wrestling — will be the season opener for VOCES, Latino Public Broadcasting’s arts and culture series on PBS. Shot in Mexico and the United States and filled with the passion and excitement that defines its subject, the film explores the history of lucha libre and what has made this eighty-year-old phenomenon endure. continue reading »

Watch an all New Episode of Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors Here (VIDEO)

Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors: Pure Chaos Marco Corleone and Shane Helms team up to take on the Lucha Libre USA Champion, Lizmark Jr., and Sydistiko. The Right seeks retribution against the Luchastars. The new Tag Team Champions, Rudisimo, are in tag team action. continue reading »

Lucha Libre News: Sin Cara Fights in Smackdown- Money in the Bank

The Mexican wrestler in WWE Sin Cara (No Face), qualified for his second fight in the Smackdown - Money In The Bank. During the RAW program, Sin Cara participated in a duel to be the last contestant in combat for "Money In The Bank" in the continue reading »

Lucha Libre USA: “Masked Warriors” Debuts on Hulu Latino

Lucha Libre USA announces today the debut of “Masked Warriors” on Hulu Latino through the free, ad-supported Hulu and Hulu Plus subscription service. Having already won the loyalty of generations of Latino fans of all ages around the world, Lucha Libre USA has conquered American audiences with its unique spin on the art of wrestling and the Mexican star power of its Luchastars now available to fans on-demand. continue reading »

WWFX tour features ex-WWE and former TNA in Mexico

WWFXis giving it's finishing touches on the tour of American fighters and former ex-WWE-TNA, to be held between September 16 and October 16, 2011. The final roster has not been defined, but these fighters are already confirmed: continue reading »

Lucha Libre Philadelphia Style (VIDEO)

Watch wrestler Chuck Taylor (from the Philadelphia-based wrestling league Chikara), as he drops a fake bomb on “The Colony,” a group comprised of wrestlers dressed as ants. Enjoy….. continue reading »

Lucha Libre: Discovery & Rey Fuego VS Marshe Rocket & Acid Jazz

This was a battle royal with the winner getting a shot at any of the GALLI titles. In the end Noriega def. Discovery to earn a title shot. They kept going at it until Discovery Challenged Noriega to put his title shot on the line. Noriega refused but GALLI Owner Robles decided to make the match any way. continue reading »

WWE Smackdown( Coverage and Results from July 1,2011) Christian vs faceless - Lucha Libre (VIDEO)

Christian is again the number one contender. Mark Henry continues to dominate with his strength WWE. What will happen without a face? Lucha Libre News continue reading »

Lucha Libre Coming to Comic-Con via Masked Republic and JSR

Masked Republic, a company focusing on bringing the best of lucha libre (Mexican pro wrestling) to the United States in the form of athletes, merchandise, and live events, has teamed up with JSR Merchandising to bring lucha libre stars and apparel to the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, July 21-24. continue reading »

Lucha Libre: “When you wrestle in Mexico, the mask is everything,” Del Rio Says in Interview

Unbelievable that for so many years, Del Rio actually hid his face in favor of a wrestling mask, but as the superstar explains, it was all about tradition. continue reading »

June 18th it’s the Lucha Libre USA Masked Warfare!

June 18th it's the Lucha Libre USA Masked Warfare! On June 18th the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Albuquerque is heating up with the Lucha Libre USA’s sizzling-season-finale and ALL titles are on the line for the taking!! continue reading »

Tania Rincón te enseña como funciona la obra de teatro “Improlucha”(VIDEO) Lucha Libre

Tania Rincón te enseña como funciona la obra de teatro “Improlucha”(VIDEO) continue reading »

Lucha Future Festival..Lucha Libre in England (VIDEO)

The Lucha Future event takes place on 28th June 2011 at The Sage Gateshead. Presented by ¡Como No! and as part of the ¡VAMOS! Festival 2011 continue reading »

Averno joins other Lucha Libre star, Sin Cara aka Místico at WWE

On Sunday the WWE continued a recent trend of Lucha Libre signings, as they’ve come to terms with top Luchador, Averno. continue reading »

Chik Tormenta- Lucha Libre Ladies (VIDEO)

Chik Tormenta is considered one of the best indy luchadoras in Mexico. She was born on August 29th, 1984 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and was trained by luchadors Roberto Paz, Flash I, Gran Apache and El Mexicano. continue reading »

Behind the mask — Lucha Libre Wrestlers Tap into Kitsap Washington

After he was hit with a chair, thrown through a door and driven hard into the mat last week, the wrestler known as El Vagabundo spent an hour in the locker room, a Mexican grocery store’s meat locker, continue reading »

Lucha Libre- “Charles Manson” in Jail

The Mexican fighter Jose Luna Pozas best known in the Lucha Libre World as Charles Manson was sent to the Southern Mexico Prison accused of assault and robbery against two police officers. continue reading »

It’s Not LUCHA LIBRE- its the LA Angels

At the start of the fifth inning on Tuesday night, the vast majority of fans in Angel Stadium donned the red wrestling masks they'd been handed coming through the turnstiles, setting in process a Guinness World Record. continue reading »