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Tag Results for "Lucha Libre Wwe"

Averno joins other Lucha Libre star, Sin Cara aka Místico at WWE

On Sunday the WWE continued a recent trend of Lucha Libre signings, as they’ve come to terms with top Luchador, Averno. continue reading »

HHH to Head New WWE Talent Dev Dept,  First Recruit Sin Cara ( Mistico)

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. announced today a new business model for future growth, including formally rebranding itself, WWE. continue reading »

No Face (Sin Cara) Debuts in WWE

No Face will debut in a live RAW show on 27 March in Winnipeg Canada. The program is "Animal, the Road Warriors." ,The event will highlight a mystic fight for couples with Evan Bourne to take on The Nexus. continue reading »