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Tag Results for "Libya"

Tampered Alcohol Kills 87, Over 1,000 Sickened in Libya

At least 87 people have died and 1,014 are suffering the effects of being poisoned last week in Libya from drinking adulterated alcohol, the nation's health minister said. continue reading »

Police Dismantle Ring Trying To Smuggle Gadhafi’s Son to Mexico

A ring that was trying to smuggle Saadi Gadhafi, the son of late Libyan dictator Col. Moammar Gadhafi, and his family into Mexico has been dismantled, officials said Wednesday. continue reading »

GOP Florida Senator Marco Rubio Urging Regime Change in Libya

Senator Marco Rubio, star of the 2010 elections and often mentioned 2012 Republican VP candidate is finding his voice after keeping a low profile in the first three months in the Senate. continue reading »

Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Says He ‘Prettified’ Gadhafi

Brazilian Surgeon Dr. Liacyr Ribeiro has just admitted to have surgically removed at least ten years off Moammar Gadhafi's features by removing fat from his belly and injecting it into his wrinkly face. continue reading »

Six Fireman Perish in Spanish Helicopter Crash

Yesterday six Spanish firefighters died when their helicopter crash near the city of Teruel, Spain as they were trying to extinguish a wildfire. continue reading »

Hugo, Fidel and The Other Latino Friends Of Moammar Gadaffi

The Venezuelan Information Minister said on Wednesday, that president Hugo Ch├ívez has held conversations with Moammar Gadaffi about establishing a group of friendly nations that would help mediate a solution to the conflict in Libya. continue reading »