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Tag Results for "Learning Spanish"

Formal Spanish Language Instruction Arrives in Shanghai, China

The Beijing branch of Spain's Cervantes Institute this week will introduce itself as a teaching institution for Spanish in Shanghai, the hub of the Chinese economy, in an alliance with state-owned China International Intellectech Corporation, or CIIC. continue reading »

Cervantes Institute Wants Spanish Language to Go Global

The head of the Cervantes Institute, Victor Garcia de la Concha, defended here on Tuesday the need to cooperate with institutions inside and outside Spain to spread the Spanish language throughout the world. continue reading »

Spain, The Philippines Sign Agreement to Promote Spanish in Filipino Classrooms

The governments of Spain and the Philippines signed an accord to foster the reintroduction of Spanish in the Asian nation, officials said here Thursday. Both sides also agreed to continue the initiative to offer Spanish as a second language in Filipino high schools, Spain's foreign ministry said in a statement. continue reading »

Schools in the U.S Teaching Spanish With New Method

Learning Spanish is becoming more important for Americans every day, so the pilot launch of an interactive learning program in schools is being carried out to create a new model for introducing the continue reading »

Spanish Top Foreign Language Studied but Not Tops for Business

Top business publication, Bloomberg, has come out with their list of the most useful foreign language for business and Spanish did not make the top three. continue reading »

Which Workplace Spanish Program is Best

Consider this. You have a significant amount of Spanish-speaking clients or employees in your company who have trouble conversing in English. Although they may be attending English classes at the local adult school, you are wondering continue reading »

Three Keys to Convincing Your Kids They Must Learn Spanish

For many reasons that are largely out of my control, my two older children from my previous marriage Jonathan (10) and Elena (6) are currently not as bilingual as they should be. They understand a lot of Spanish but they barely speak it. Having been raised to be fully bilingual has been such a blessing for me that it drives me crazy to think they may not end up fully bilingual. continue reading »