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Tag Results for "Latinos In Sports"

Lionel Messi’s Newborn Son Thiago Already Member of Dad’s Hometown Club

The newborn son of FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi is already registered as a member of the Argentine club his dad supported while growing up in Rosario, fans of Newell's Old Boys proclaimed at a match. continue reading »

Pascual Perez Killed In Assault at Dominican Republic Home

Former Dominican Republic pitcher Pascual Perez was killed in an armed robbery on Thursday. continue reading »

Woman Boxer Pounds Away the Obstacles in a Male-Dominated Sport

Her swollen eyes gaze at her bloody opponent sitting in the opposite corner of the ring as her coach shouts out demands for the last round of the bout. Heavy hands hang on the ropes as she inhales and exhales trying to catch her breath while the mostly male crowd howls. Just as the bell sounds, she forces her body to her feet and moves guardedly to the center of the ring. She taps gloves with her opponent and the round begins. continue reading »

Can a 45 year old Washed up Drug Using Snitch Tweet his Way Back to the Major League?

Former Cuban Major League Player, alleged wife beater and admitted steroid abuser José Canseco, is in Desperado mode, trying to get back to the MLB. continue reading »