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Tag Results for "Latino Voters"

Maryland May be First to Pass a State DREAM Act

Maryland could become the first state in America to pass its own version of the DREAM Act by referendum. The proposal will appear as Question 4 on the ballot in the Nov. 6 elections. continue reading »

Catholic Latinos Siding with Obama, Evangelicals Divided

The Latino vote varies according to religion: while Catholics and people without religious affiliation overwhelmingly support President Barack Obama, Hispanic evangelicals are divided, according to a report released Thursday by the Pew Hispanic Center and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. continue reading »

Republicans, Democrats Attack Other Party’s Stance on Immigration

The campaigns of President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney on Wednesday continued to snipe back and forth at each other about immigration reform a day after the issue came up in their second televised debate. continue reading »

Maricopa County Voter ID Info Lists Incorrect Election Date…but Only in Spanish

Arizona’s headline-making Maricopa County has now apologized for errors made on information that came along with certain voter ID cards after the mistake raised concerns over potential voter suppression. continue reading »

Check Out Rosie Perez on Mitt Romney as a Latino:  “Easier as a Latino?”  (VIDEO)

Check out actress Rosie Perez video on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hoping to be a Latino to win the election - it's quite insightful. continue reading »

NCLR, Local Groups Collect 30,000 Signatures Demanding Housing Crisis Resolution

With less than one month left until Election Day, both President Obama and Gov. Romney have been all too quiet on issues related to housing reform. Millions of Americans have already lost their homes and millions more are at risk of foreclosure, yet neither presidential candidate appears willing to specifically address how he will resolve the housing crisis. continue reading »

North Carolina Sees 26 Percent Increase in Latino Voter Registration

A record number of North Carolina Hispanics have registered to cast ballots on Nov. 6, state election officials said on the final day for voter registration. continue reading »

Latino Vote in Colorado, Florida and Nevada Could Decide Election

The closer the presidential election looms, the more the competition between Democrats and Republicans intensifies in three swing states where the Latino vote could hold the key to victory continue reading »

Latino Decisions Poll: Obama Leading Romney Among Florida, Nevada Hispanic Voters

U.S. President Barack Obama is ahead of Republican rival Mitt Romney in Hispanic voter preference in the states of Florida and Nevada, according to a new poll by Latino Decisions for America's Voice. continue reading »

WATCH Jorge Ramos Discuss Latino Voters, Mitt Romney on ‘The Colbert Report’ (VIDEO)

I will begin all by questions with an upside-down question mark." - Colbert -- Noticiero Univision's anchor Jorge Ramos recently stopped by The Colbert Report, and while the show is satirical in nature, Ramos got serious about the today's election issues. continue reading »

Romney Fared Better Than Obama in First Presidential Debate

Repbulican presidential candidate Mitt Romney clearly got the upper hand over President Barack Obama, who appeared nervous and unable to clearly communicate his ideas, in their first televised debate, polls and media reports said. continue reading »

Ricky Martin Urges Latino Voters to Vote for Obama in Spanish Ad (VIDEO)

Singer Ricky Martin asks Hispanics to vote for President Barack Obama's reelection in a video in Spanish in which he says that the incumbent is "committed" to the Latino community. continue reading »

Check Out Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Other Women Rally to Get Out the Vote for Obama

Check out Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and other women rally to get out the vote for President Barrack Obama. the video titled "Women's Voices - Join Women for Obama." continue reading »

“Vote4Stuff” - Selena Gomez, Benicio Del Toro Join Hollywood Stars in New Voter PSA (VIDEO)

Benicio Del Toro and Selena Gomez are just some of the celebrities urging Americans to vote. The two Latino stars are joined by Ellen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Edward Norton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron, continue reading »

Poll: Latino Voters Put Children’s Issues First

Three-fourths of Latinos likely to vote in the upcoming general election say the presidential candidates should increase their focus on children’s issues, according to an analysis of a new poll. The poll also found 75 percent of Latino voters will consider a candidate’s position on federal budget issues affecting children when casting their November ballots. continue reading »

Hispanic Workers in North Carolina Hit by Wage Theft “Epidemic”

Wage theft is becoming an "epidemic" in North Carolina, according to a study released Tuesday by the NC Justice Center's Workers' Rights Project and the University of North Carolina Immigration/Human Rights Clinic. continue reading »

Elderly Puerto Rican Woman at DNC Tells Reporter She “Would Like to Kill” Romney (VIDEO)

While we can appreciate one being passionate about politics, when someone blurts out a death threat against a presidential candidate that’s not exactly the passion to be applauded. continue reading »

Steak and Politics: Eva Longoria Opening Women’s Steakhouse, Speaking at Democratic Convention

Following the closing of the Vegas steakhouse she was a 30 percent stakeholder in, Eva Longoria is now reorganizing to open a 1920s era dining and nightlife steakhouse complete with fashion shows, aimed at women. continue reading »

First Lady Michelle Obama Notes, Praises Latino Community’s “Critical Role”

First lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday praised the "critical role" of the Latino community in helping achieve her husband's vision for the country and she promised to fight for approval of the DREAM Act, which would provide a path to legalization for qualified undocumented young people. continue reading »

impreMedia-Latino Decisions Poll Finds Latino Support of Romney Up Following RNC

In the second release of impreMedia-Latino Decisions’ 11-week tracking poll it was revealed that Latino voters’ support of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is increasing. continue reading »