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Tag Results for "Latino Voter"

Voter ID Law Back on Trial in Pennsylvania Court

The fierce battle over Pennsylvania’s voter ID law goes to trial on Monday in a state courtroom in Harrisburg. continue reading »

Today Supreme Court Hears Voters Rights v State Rights – Who Wins?

Today the Supreme Court will heart the case on the viability of certain part of the Voting Rights Act and whether states have the rights to impose limitations on it. continue reading »

Arizona’s Maricopa County Elects Sheriff Arpaio to 6th Consecutive Term

The immigrant community in the Phoenix area is preparing to live another four years with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who over the past few years has intensified his fight against undocumented migrants. continue reading »

Latin America Drops from the Map: Ignored in Last Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

Last night’s final Presidential debate focusing on foreign policy, covered a lot of geography but on the whole ignored Latin America. continue reading »

Jeb Bush Advises Mitt Romney to Change his Tone on Immigration

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will have to work up a more convincing message on immigration if he wants to win any votes among the Hispanic electorate in November, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said. continue reading »

WATCH Gov. Rick Perry Courting the Latino Religious Right Not Too Long Ago (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that Republican Presidential contender and Texas Governor Rick Perry is a staunch pro-lifer and religious conservative and it appears it is those very principals that he may use to lure the Latino voter. continue reading »

‘En Quien Confiar’ the Democrats and Obama’s 1st Spanish Language Ad for 2012 Election (VIDEO)

The first Spanish language ad for the Democratic National Party’s (DNC) bid to reelect President Obama has been launched with the title: “En Quien Confiar”. (The One to Trust). continue reading »

New Poll:  Latinos Divided on Obama and Immigration

The number of Latino voters who intend to support President Barack Obama increased by 9% compared with those supporting the president in the previous impreMedia/Latino Decisions (LD) poll, continue reading »

The League of United Latin American Citizens Files Redistricting Suit in TX

The League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest and largest Latino membership organization in the United States, filed suit today against the State of Texas challenging the manner in which redistricting for the United States House of Representatives, the State House of Representatives and the Texas State Board of Education have been drawn or will be drawn. continue reading »

ELECTION:  National Exit Polls Miscalculate the 2010 Latino Vote

Data convincingly show that the 2010 national exit poll severely misestimated the Latino vote. Whereas the Latino Decisions poll estimates differ significantly from the network exit polls and this raises the question of whether there is a systematic flaw. continue reading »