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Tag Results for "Latino Vote"

Newly Elected Texas Senator Ted Cruz Considering Run for President in 2016

The newly elected Texas Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, is considering a run for the Presidency in 2016 the Houston Chronicle is reporting. continue reading »

Bill O’Reilly is Right, I Do Want Things

It’s not often that I agree with Bill O’Reilly, and I’ve definitely never been moved to write about it. But on the eve of the election, as votes were being counted, O’Reilly, the FOX News personality, was on FOX giving his opinion on why it appeared that President Obama was poised to win. continue reading »

Latino Voters Call on Lawmakers to Invest in Children

An analysis of nationwide election eve poll released today by the First Focus Campaign for Children shows overwhelming support from Latino voters for a wide range of federal investments in America’s children at levels higher than voters of all demographics and political affiliations. continue reading »

Latino Money: The Missed Political Story of 2012

Here’s something interesting that bubbled up in the wake of last week’s election: 4% of all itemized political contributions this year came from mostly Latino neighborhoods. continue reading »

Newly Elected Latino Officials Partake in Political Boot Camp

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund will convene more than 60 newly elected Latino state legislators, county and municipal officials, and school board members from across the country for the group’s 9th Biennial NALEO National Institute for Newly Elected Officials in Washington, D.C. continue reading »

Latinos Aren’t a Sleeping Giant. Latinos are Awake, Standing and Listening.

There’s a difference between waking up and standing up. And there comes a point where old, tired analogies should be scuttled. Latino politics are at that point; the recent national election emphasized it with several ending exclamation marks. continue reading »

PEW STUDY: An Awakened Giant: The Hispanic Electorate Is Likely to Double by 2030

The record number of Latinos who cast ballots for president this year are the leading edge of an ascendant ethnic voting bloc that is likely to double in size within a generation, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, Election Day exit polls and a new nationwide survey of Hispanics. continue reading »

NHCLC President Responds to Obama’s Re-election

The following is a statement from the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez: "First, permit me to congratulate the President on his re-election. I pray that our President will be used by God to bring our nation together. I pray that he will recognize the image of God in every human being (in and out of the womb), strengthen families, defend religious liberty both domestically and abroad, alleviate poverty, protect our Judeo-Christian value system, and advance the cause of immigration reform. continue reading »

Latino Politicians Represented in 36 State Legislatures

Latino candidates made historic gains at the state legislature level on Tuesday, according to analysis of unofficial election results and media reports released by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Did Latinos Vote in the 2012 Presidential Elections?

Both parties recognized the importance of Latinos in the 2012 elections. While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama eagerly campaigned to Hispanics, it was obvious which candidate fared better with the Latino vote. Obama won 71 percent of the vote and ultimately won the election. continue reading »

Top Republicans Suddenly Back Immigration Reform After Latinos Overwhelmingly Back Obama

When Democrats tried to get the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants through Congress in 2010, Republicans blocked the immigration reform measure in the Senate. But after a campaign in which GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney staked out harsh anti-immigration positions, and with President Obama winning 75 percent of Latino voters, several key leaders in the Republican party are coming out in favor of immigration reform: continue reading »

Latinas Played Powerful Role in 2012 Elections

Latinas and other women of color played an historic role in last night’s election, helping President Obama secure key wins in swing states like Ohio, Virginia, Nevada and Colorado. While media analysts are noting the significant women’s vote, in fact Latina and women of color voters provided the winning margin: Seventy-six percent of Latinas and 96 percent of black women voted for Obama. Interestingly, only 65 percent of male Latinos voted for Obama, reflecting the national gender gap. continue reading »

¡Si, Se Puede! – Obama Wins Re-election and Says Gracias to Latino Voters

¡Si, Se Puede! – President Barrack Obama won re-election last night winning the electoral vote at 303 and the popular vote by 50%, thanks in great part to near-record levels of Latino support. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC- Campaign Funding for 2012 Presidential Election

According to the census estimates, there are 2.4 million more potential Hispanic voters in the 2012 election than back in 2008. Both political parties have made huge efforts to appeal to this massive number of new voters as shown, in part, by the increased ad spend. continue reading »

Latino Decisions Vote -Predict Final Model: Obama 72.9 vs. Romney 27.1

Final LD Vote and Turnout Predict Projections: Record-breaking Turnout and Lopsided Support for Obama among Latinos. Over the final several weeks of polling , the LD Vote Predict estimates for presidential vote choice have been quite stable, leading us to our final projection for a breakdown among actual Latino voters who choose one of the two main candidates and no undecided voters: continue reading »

Latino Evangelicals and the 2012 Election

Dr. Gaston Espinosa, nationally recognized scholar on Hispanic evangelicals, directed a scientific survey on Latino Religions and the 2012 elections. Espinosa, in cooperation with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference also issued and published a survey in 2008. The survey captures interesting findings particularly on how Hispanic Catholics and Hispanic Evangelicals are currently leaning as it pertains to the Presidential election. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: What Influences Latino and African Youth Voters

With just 4 days until the 2012 general election, the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Education (CIRCLE), the premiere youth think tank based at Tufts University, released an infographic and key summary of polling data, which was released over the last week on youth and the 2012 election. continue reading »

5 Things the Next President Should Learn About Latinos

Regardless of who wins the Presidential race next Tuesday, there is one undeniable factor in the mix this election: the rise of the importance of the Latino electorate. continue reading »

North Carolina Expects to See High Voter Turnout Amongst Latinos

Hispanics could rack up a record amount of participating voters in the presidential elections on Nov. 6 in the battleground state of North Carolina. continue reading »

Romney Airs Ad In Florida Linking Obama To Latin American Dictators

On Tuesday, Mitt Romney’s campaign debuted a new ad in Florida that shows Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban leader Raul Castro’s daughter saying they’d vote for President Obama if they were American citizens. continue reading »